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Tucker Carlson Condemns Protests Citing Actual Number Of Black Deaths By Police

Gettyimages | Chip Somodevilla
By Jacob Highley

Tucker Carlson, famous reporter for FOX news just went on a big rant telling viewers that the latest riots and “Black Lives Matter” movements are better referred to as the “mob” after condemning the number of public damages and personal harm that has occurred after the death of black American George Floyd.

Yet this would seem completely unrealistic given how outraged social justice warriors and the black community have responded right?

Perhaps not as unrealistic as one might first think. The 51-year-old political commentator presented what he considers “undisputed facts” that do not shed a positive light on recent happenings instigated by “political” groups, or on the celebrities who endorse them.

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All Supporters, Including Celebrities Slammed By Tucker

Cara Delevingne at Black Lives Matter Rally
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What do Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Angela Rye, Brody Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Aniston, Ellen Pompeo, Katie Maloney, Rihanna, Coco Austin, Thylane Blondeau, Beyonce, The Kardashians, The Jenners, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and many others have in common?

These and other celebrities are joined by major brands like Target, Microsoft, Disney, Netflix, Verizon Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, Victoria’s Secret, and even major fitness companies like BeachBody, in a massive social media movement calling for changes in how racial equality is handled.

Many of these celebrities and brands have come forward fully supporting “racial justice” groups with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.


tucker calrson with microphone
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The long-time conservative journalist reported on June 3 2020 that social activist groups and Floyd’s family attorney claimed that everything being seen in the news today is because of “genocide” towards the black community.

While still acknowledging that racism certainly exists, and that murder should be taken seriously, the talk show host called these claims “laughable” in light of the numbers associated with black homicides, as recorded by The Washington Post. (The Post has been recording each incident reported since 2015)

The number of these kinds of homicides in 2019 will absolutely shock you.


Tucker Carlson on Fox news
Instagram @tuckercarlsontonight

As Tucker reported in his segment on Fox News June 3 2020, (which has been reposted on his social media, and on the official Fox News Youtube account) when the number of black homicides by police officers were pulled up from The Washington Post’s records, there was no trace of “genocide” to be found.

In fact, the recorded number of “unarmed” black Americans killed by police came to a total of 10… Yes ten people and over half of those cases resulted in the citizen’s death because they attempted to physically assault police officers.

The police officers who actually committed unprovoked murder were less than 3 in 2019, and were punished in a court of law.

'Facts Matter'

Tucker Carlson on a segment
Instagram @tuckercarlsontonight

Tucker went on to shame rioters, looters, elected government officials and anyone who supports these “unfounded” demands to de-fund the police departments in America, with allowance for citizens to go around destroying public property.

This includes major brands and celebrities (like LeBron James) who have made statements that the black community is being “hunted” as many have already claimed. As Tucker says in his video, “facts matter” and many people are convinced it is dangerous to walk unarmed as a black person in America. Yet 2019 was the safest year for black Americans who don’t own a firearm.

Closing his report, Tucker says there is a higher risk to police officers than civilians currently, and that false reporting is running rampant.

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