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Coco Austin in skimpy top

Coco Austin Posts Cute Matching Floral Dresses With Daughter On Instagram

Instagram @coco
By Jacob Highley

Coco Austin just posted a whole lotta’ cute on Instagram after she posted a picture of herself and her daughter Chanel wearing matching flowered dresses.

The 41-year-old wife to famous rapper Ice-T has never ceased to amaze her followers for both her amazing family skills and for her drop-dead glorious body.

The latest pics show both Coco and Chanel posing in what looks like their house before a fun outing together. Another picture on the same post featured several styling handbags that they would use for the trip.

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'Comforting' Her Daughter

Coco Austin's family
Instagram @coco

The often lingerie-clad model shared with DailyMail that she still breastfeeds her 4-year-old daughter because they find it “comforting” and because she believes it is best for her child. Not only has her view inspired others to reevaluate their approach to nursing, but many have requested that Coco become more vocal about her own experiences:

“I get tons and tons of requests that want me to speak on it!”

Another notable moment that the media recalls as a surprising “breastfeeding” appearance was Jamie Grumet having her three-year-old son standing on a stool to nurse on the cover of Time Magazine.

The cover draws similarities between how the two models handle nursing.

Like Her Mother!

Coco Austin and daughter in swimsuits
Instagram @coco

Their daughter has grown up with a loving father for some time now, and Coco occasionally posts family pictures which usually include Ice-T (Full name Tracy Lauren Marrow) in the shots.

In fact, pictures like Chanel sleeping with her daddy after a long day, birthday celebrations, and adorable clips of the family doing something together have become highly popular on Coco’s Instagram.

Chanel also seems to be growing up with similar ambitions to her mother with so many photos showing how the toddler already has her own cute sass when she takes pics with Coco.

A Wonderful Marriage

Coco Austin and Ice T
Instagram @coco

Who could have foreseen such a long and happy marriage between Coco and Tracy? The two of them have been beautifully married since 2002 and each of them praises each other as wonderful partners during interviews.

Although Coco generally doesn’t take part in Ice-T’s professional music videos, she has been known to take acting jobs alongside her husband on several occasions.

She made guest appearances on the hit TV series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” which her husband is well known for, and currently stars with her husband in the couple’s reality TV series “Ice Loves Coco”.

Ice Ice Baby

Coco Austin wearing skimpy red outfit
Instagram @coco

There is something to be said for a 41-year-old mother who continues to look 20 years younger than she is. The glamour model is well known for her risque photos, and magazine covers which range from lesser-known issues to major companies like Playboy Magazine.

While Coco hasn’t been as prolific about modeling career as of late (mostly due to being more active as a mother) the American bombshell hasn’t shied away from posting lingerie photos, getting sponsors to show off their brand, and of course, posting stellar throwback photos from her earlier modeling days.

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