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Fans of 'Counting On' Think Jill and Derick Dillard Have Been Cut Off By Jim Bob Duggar

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By Ivy Pope

Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard in 2014, and things were fine. But when the couple moved off to be on their own, they were not happy with how Jim Bob Duggar was running the family. This formed a rift between the Duggars and the Dillars, and fans began to notice some stuff.

Like, the two of them were not going on the family property as often (and reportedly had to get Jim Bob's permission to go on the property), or spending time with the Duggars as often. Critics are now theorizing that Jim Bob Duggar cut the two of them off, and they're making this known by publicly displaying Dilliard's Grub Hub job.

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When the two first married, they were the golden standard in the family, the first of the daughters to marry, and Dillard had known her through her father. Time moved on and that changed, though, as things do.

In 2017, the couple left "Counting On" and the reasons why are still not very well known or clear. Some people thought that Dillard's inappropriate tweeting had led to it, though Dillard has said that it since was to do with the way the family (Duggar family) is operated. Dillard hinted greatly that JB controlled the money that the family receives, and acts as the 'gatekeeper' to any funds the family earns.


Jill posted a photo on Instagram of her and her husband, and captioned it:

"❗️Attn: mushy post❗️ . 🥳 Yesterday was this handsome fella’s birthday! 😍 I love you so much @derickdillard 😘💋❤️ Thanks for being my man and for always pointing me back to Jesus. You’re my hero and my best friend! 🥰 . . 🤗 🎂🍦We celebrated this weekend with family, then got a sitter last night and went on a date to @wafflehouseofficial 🥓🍳🧇 . . ⬆️See my stories for vids and pics + visit the blog ( to keep up! 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦"

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On this post, fans commented things about her husband, and how she's giving up her family for him, such as this particular user: "How do you do it nobody likes your husband and you’re the outcast. I don’t know how you don’t talk to your parents."

And yet another commenter wrote, "There's just something about Derek that is Shady. Don't get along with your in-laws but to blast them publicly is disturbing. If you really cared you would have just taken Jill and lived your own life without blasting everything out there that is Nobody's Business except yours in hers. There's always seems to have a go fund me page. It's a lot more other people out there in a great deal of need."

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Jill posted yet another photo, where her husband has both of their children on his back, and it is captioned: " hour ago this handsome papa wrapped up his second year of law school! 🥳 Whoop! Whoop! 🤗 . . Now he’s on “break” for a couple weeks before summer classes and job start! . . #lawstudentlife📚 #summer2020 #covid #2L #rising3L . . And we are off to deliver @grubhub together now. 🤗"

Now, most of the Duggars and their spouses work for JB at one of the various owned businesses. However, Dillard has always gone his own way, and fans are quick to believe that these posts about Grub Hub are subtly telling them that JB cut them off.

Like all things celebrities, there was a Reddit thread about this. In this thread, the original poster writes: "Train-wreck finished his second year of law school and now he and Jilly are delivering Grubhub. Wow. Rim Job really did cut them off."

Comments went crazy, with fans stating things such as: "I think this is exactly the reason they're being so open about doing Grubhub: they want to (rightfully, IMO) subtly shame Boob for financially punishing them. They're making it clear to the world and to Jill's siblings exactly what happens when you fall out of Boob's favor, and I am here for it.

Besides, there's no shame in doing part time work to make ends meet. It's more than the rest of them are doing. I'd argue it's a hell of a lot better than being beholden to perpetual obedience to JB, just to buy diapers and provide housing.

Derick will never be my favorite, but he's at least not my least favorite." Most of these posts were in agreement, and stating other reasons to agree with the couple delivering Grub Hub.

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