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Victoria's Secret model wearing bra

This Tiny Victoria's Secret Bra Is Worth Millions, Here's Why

Instagram @hoskelsa
By Jacob Highley

Victoria's Secret is renowned for its lingerie fashion designs and sex-appeal for women. Their annual fashion show (which ran until 2018) was one of the most highly watched shows of its kind in the world.

The show would feature women titled "angles" from around the globe. Some outfits boasted incredible monetary worth, but few can claim the notoriety that the "Dream Angels Fantasy Bra" has attained today.

With both a staggering price value ranging from one million all the way to 15 million dollars, and a lasting impression on viewers, it made it into the "Guinness Book of Records" as the most extravagant and expensive underwear ever made.

The Last "Dream Angels Fantasy Bra" Made

Elsa Hosk Wearing fantasy bra
Instagram @vsangels

The fashion runway show for Victoria's Secret ended in 2018, which marked the last time a "Dream Angels Fantasy Bra" was created and worn in a show.

The Swedish model and social media influencer Elsa Hosk was the last woman to wear one of the extravagant pieces before the official ending of the runway shows.

That particular bra carried a worth of $1 million dollars as it was composed of numerous diamonds. That being said, it pales in comparison to many of the "Fantasy Bras" from years past.

The Priciest Bra Ever

two models wearing the fantasy bras
Instagram @_vsangels2018

Gisele Bündchen wore a "Dream Angels Fantasy Bra" worth $15 Million dollars with more than 1,300 rubies and diamonds attached in 2000.

While it remains the most expensive bra in the lineup, there are quite a few honorable mentions that carried hefty pricetags as well.

The very next year in 2001 Heidi Klum wore a diamond-encrusted demi bra which was valued at $12.5 million!

Heidi Klum returned to the Victoria's Secret runway to show off another "Fantasy Bra" worth $11 million dollars.

Klum wore three of the "Fantasy Bras" with her first appearance in 1999 with a bra worth $10 million dollars.

Which Models Wore The Most Dough On Their Chests?

models in a line wearing the fantasy bras
Instagram @dailybehatiprinsloo

Some other models who competed for the heftiest price tags included Gisele Bündchen, Tyra Banks, Karolina Kurkova, and Candice Swanepoel. Each of these lovely ladies wore intimate breast-wear worth over $10 million dollars each!

Over the years, these kinds of fashion "investments" have become highlights of memories past. Ask anyone whether they'd like to see more of these kinds of outfits and shows, and they will tell you how much they would love to do just that.

Alas, for now, it looks like Elsa Hosk may be the last model to rock this incredible outfit. on the Victoria Secret runway.

Elsa Hosk Today

Elsa Hosk
Instagram @HoskElsa

Being one of the last women to be featured prominently as a "million-dollar model" for Victoria's Secret, Elsa has become an easily recognizable face in the fashion industry for her wonderful smile, skin complexion, flowing hair, and sultry outline.

She now has over six million followers on Instagram, travels the world as a professional model, and has a wonderful relationship with a hot guy.

Overall, fans agree it was an amazing opportunity for her to become what may be the last "Angel" made by Victoria's Secret.

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