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Alec Baldwin looks amazingly casual in this photo at an event.

Alec Baldwin Practiced A Form Of Social Distancing With His Wife For Six Weeks During Courtship

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If anyone knows Alec Baldwin well, they would know that he is one of the most efficient and effective comic character in the industry. Not that we do not like when he’s being serious, but he looks better when he’s cracking viewers up. The actor starred in a comedy series in 2006 titled “30 Rock” by NBC. The series lasted till 2013 and Baldwin moved on to other amazing projects.

Aside from being a prolific actor, Baldwin is also known for his performances on “Saturday Night Live.”

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Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin look incredible on a red carpet as they pose for the camera.
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Comedy is a sole part of Baldwin and he does not hesitate to show off his talents on and off screen. Well, mostly on screen. The only person that can attest to his funny performance off screen, is his wife, Hilaria Baldwin.

Speaking of Hilaria, she has an amazing relationship with Baldwin, but how did it start? When she had and Baldwin has only dated for two weeks, he did something very weird to her and it is not what you would have ever thought of in a million years.

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Baldwin and Hilaria’s meeting was not orchestrated and in every way, it was not something either of them expected to happen on that day. According to the actor, he was having a nice time with his pals at a local spot located in Manhattan. Suddenly, his gaze fell on Hilaria, and he walked up to her immediately. On getting to where she was, Baldwin uttered the words ‘I must know you,’ and handed her his card.

Hilaria, who was in a stare of confusion, took his card and that sealed the deal.

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The duo began a relationship not long after that encounter and things were going fine. Recently, Baldwin shared a throwback of their love story on Instagram and dans were in awe of the couple. They have definitely come very far and they are no doubt inspiring younger generations.

Moving on, Baldwin and Hilaria met on The Ellen DeGeneres show recently and as she approached him, Baldwin shook her hands. This ultimately sent her back to the time he only shook her hands for six weeks after they began dating.

A beautiful photo of Alec Baldwin and a woman dressed in a black dress as they pose for the paparazzi.
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“Do you guys know that he shook my hand for six weeks and didn’t kiss me when we met?” She asked the audience.

Elaborating on this hilarious event, Hilaria mentioned that she spoke to her friends about his attitude as it seemed very weird to her at the time. However, Baldwin explained in the show that he really liked Hilaria, but he was trying to be careful it to ruin his chances with her. He added that he did not want her to think that he was only attracted to her for sexual reasons.

Well, it did work at the end of the day.

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