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NeNe Leakes on Watch What Happens Live

NeNe Leakes Accuses President Donald Trump’s Secret Service Of Following Her Around

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Kay Lewis

It’s kind of refreshing to see NeNe Leakes in the media for something besides the drama on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Lately, the boutique owner has been in the news for the shade being thrown her way and vice versa with the other ladies of the RHOA. Leakes however, has gained a lot of opportunities from being on the popular Bravo reality show one of them was her appearance on Donald Trump’s reality show “Celebrity Apprentice”. She became good friends with Trump, according to her of course.

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She even returned to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” with a whole new attitude because she was now “very rich honey” or so she shouted in co-star Sheree Whitfield’s face. Leakes is now recalling an incident she had with President Donald Trump and his security team. In an exclusive video shared by Leakes, she stated that Trump pulled a shady move on her. One that her co-stars would never attempt. When asked by a social media user how she feels about Trump, Leakes got very real.

Leakes posing with friend Marlo Hampton

Does she know any other way of being? Leakes claimed that’s he doesn’t have an issue with Trump. “I don’t have an issue with Donald Trump,” she did go on to share that he’s not her president. “Um I did not vote for him for my president, but I don’t have an issue with him. I do have a little small issue.” Leakes went on to tell her fans that Mr. Trump may have had her followed. “I was recently staying at a hotel in Beverly Hills and he was staying there as well. I was there before he arrived. I did not know he that he would be staying there, and I really felt like the secret service followed me the entire time I was in the hotel.”

Leakes taking a selfie in a cute bob haircut

This sounds a little crazy to be honest. What did he or his secret service do to make her feel like she was even being followed? Leakes didn’t go into much more detail she did, however, say that she confronted the hotel about it. “I was very upset by that. I even told the hotel that that was inappropriate.” Leakes has not been on “Celebrity Apprentice” since 2011 so what is making her think that Trump would have her followed? And why would she even know or be told that he was staying there?

Leakes with husband Greg Leakes

This is not the first time Leakes has accused someone of following her. A few weeks back, Leakes equally shady on/off best friend Wendy Williams claims she, Leakes and Marlo Hampton were being followed by security in Bergdorf Gordman. Williams claimed, “they treated us like the hood” but let’s be honest, everyone knows that at least 2 of the three women have been arrested in the past. Didn’t Hampton get arrested for credit card fraud at one point? And she still can’t explain how she affords all these name brands. Maybe the women were just being paranoid?

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