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Sara Bareilles Has Announced That She's 'Fully Recovered' From Coronavirus Illness

Gettyimages | Santiago Felipe
By Zachary Holt

Sara Bareilles is opening up about her coronavirus experience now that she's finally recovered from the illness and is symptom-free. On Thursday, the singer and songwriter took to her Instagram Live feed and explained to her fans how she's coped with the COVID-19 strain, which has been spreading rapidly throughout the whole world. Additionally, she explained that she has 'fully recovered' from the illness and is in good health, while also urging people to be safe and follow public health recommendations during this trying time.

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Bareilles Reveals to Her Fans on Instagram That She Had COVID-19

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"Hey friends," the video clip began, which showed Bareilles walking around outside in a purple-knitted beanie and dark sunglasses. "Just wanted to check in. I’m really quiet right now and will probably continue to be quiet. Just sort of taking all of this in and having a lot of feelings as I do."

While reflecting on the pandemic, the eight-time Grammy nominee revealed that she, in fact, had the coronavirus, but that she's also full recovered. "I had it, just so you know. I’m fully recovered, just so you know," she continued in the video.

The Songwriter Sends Her Well-Wishes, Urges People to Stay Safe

Sara Bareilles | Instagram

"I am just thinking about all of the people who are walking through this really tricky time and sending a lot of love and just being really grateful for every easy breath and every day that I get to be walking around," Bareilles concluded. "Lots of love, you guys. Take care of yourselves."

In March, Bareilles and her co-star, Gavin Creel, announced that they were prematurely ending the West End production of their musical, 'Waitress', one week early due to the threat of the coronavirus pandemic and associated travel restrictions.

Gavin Creel Reveals He Contracted the Coronavirus While Overseas

Gettyimages | Stuart C. Wilson

After returning to the United States, Creel appeared on Rosie O'Donnell's coronavirus relief fundraiser live stream and revealed that he was 'pretty sure' he contracted the virus while overseas.

"I haven’t been officially tested, but I was doing 'Waitress' in London and a bunch of the cast has fallen sick from it," he explained to O'Donnell on Instagram. "One of my castmates did test the same day I was starting to have symptoms, and she’s positive and we were together the whole time."

'I've Been Luck Enough to Not Have Breathing Difficulties and Respiratory Issues...'

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Creel went on to explain that his symptoms were 'like a cruddy flu'. "I’ve been lucky enough to not have breathing difficulties and respiratory issues," Creel continued in the interview. "I lost my sense of smell and taste. I haven’t gotten those back. I’m getting asparagus and it might as well be rubber. I don’t know, it’s the weirdest thing."

As of this writing, the coronavirus continues to affect thousands of people and has killed over 6,000 people with approximately 250,000 cases in the United States alone.

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