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Noah Cyrus poses in a shirt

Miley Cyrus' Little Sister Noah Shares Scandalous Thong Snaps: 'Welcome To Quarantine Manor'

Noah Cyrus/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Noah Cyrus' NSFW edge is back. The 20-year-old singer and sister to superstar Miley Cyrus is a regular when it comes to firing up Instagram in her underwear – quarantined on account of the novel coronavirus she may be, but Noah hasn't let COVID-19 take away her personality.

The girl who has thrown out the middle finger from a urinal – keep scrolling – and, on many an occasion, lifted her shirt for the 'Gram shared a new update last night. It came with a racy thong, and the witty caption acknowledged coronavirus.

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'You Are Not Welcome At This Time'

Noah Cyrus poses in a thong
Noah Cyrus/Instagram

Noah's double update showed her photographed amid cushions and walled artwork, with green mood lighting affording an edgy vibe. The "July" singer was posing in profile while leaning forward – while the image was full of distraction, it clearly showed the beauty showcasing her fierce curves as she exposed her bare rear in a light and skimpy thong.

Noah also rocked a baggy shirt, plus her waist-length brown hair worn up in a scruffy bun – she threw out direct eye contact for a captivating finish.

Demi Lovato Drops By Comments

Noah Cyrus poses in front of a urinal
Noah Cyrus/Instagram

A caption from Noah 100% acknowledged being in quarantine.

"welcome to quarantine manor, home of madame cyrus. you are not welcome in at this time. please try again later. goodnight 💚💜," she wrote.

The update proved a hit, racking up over 134,000 likes in four hours, also bringing in a major celebrity face. "Sorry Not Sorry" singer Demi Lovato dropped by:

"This is so siiickkkk," the 27-year-old wrote.

As to the fans, they were all for it.

"GLORIOUS!" one wrote.

"Damn," another added.

This wouldn't be the first quarantine moment from the singer – just recently, Noah stunned in a braless crop top while posing lakeside.

New Music Video Just Dropped

Noah Cyrus poses with a horse
Noah Cyrus/Instagram

Noah has been making headlines this past week for releasing her latest "I GOT SO HIGH THAT I SAW JESUS" track. Rocky as the timing might be for releasing new music right now, the star's single has so far proven popular – definitely a hit has been the horseback riding music video showing Noah finding inner peace amid green grass and, for the single cover, posing in a river.

The above photo did, however, come tinged with sadness as Noah honored her 2016-passed horse Constantine.

'Don't Tell Me To Drink Bleach' – But If You Hate Her Music, Fine

Noah Cyrus poses for a photo
Noah Cyrus/Instagram

The run-up to Noah's music release saw her profiled by Evening Standard. Noah spoke openly of the mental health battles she's so adored for being candid about – she also mentioned "coming to terms" with both her depression and anxiety.

“The biggest question was: am I strong enough to do it? Because the public judgment does hurt me so much and I really wish it didn’t. I’d ask for everyone to be kind-hearted," she stated, adding:

"You don’t have to like my music, but don’t tell me to drink bleach in my comments. So I didn’t know if I was gonna be capable of doing this, but I am — barely.”

Noah has 5.6 million Instagram followers.

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