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Ivanka Trump Receives Harsh Criticism Over COVID-19 Video Shared On Social Media

Gettyimages | Alex Wong
By Savannah Pointer

First daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump is facing a harsh backlash from social media users after she added her voice (and demonstration) to the push for Americans to do their part in the battle against COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus.

Trump posted a video to Instagram that showed her three children giving their hands a thorough washing while singing their “ABC’s.” The three Kushner children faithfully scrubbed and sang, demonstrating the length of time that it is recommended that everyone wash their hands.

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Ivanka Was Berated For Not Showing More Deference To Those Out Of Work

Gettyimages | Samuel Corum

However, viewers took exception to the soap that the real estate magnate’s daughter had provided for her children, which is reportedly a $39 soap from Aesop, according to Hollywood Life.

According to the same publication “It features ingredients like ‘botanical extracts’ and ‘finely milled Pumice.’”

“Washing hands with 39 dollars soap and wasting water when millions of people don't have that privilege,” said one commenter. “… it is obvious they don't know how most people really struggle to cope with this crisis.”

Fans Blasted Trump For Her Soap Choice

Gettyimages | SAUL LOEB

Many critics appeared to believe that the fancy soap was a tone deaf display of opulance amid a nationwide economy struggle and widespread job losses.

Ivanka Trump posted a video of her children washing their hands, with $39 hand soap. What’s next, tomorrow she’ll tell us to eat $100 cakes?” one such person tweeted, and another posted, “Isn’t a $40 bottle of hand soap a bit expensive, @IvankaTrump?”

A third frustrated Twitter user posted, “WTF?! Again completely [sic] out of touch with the real world! I stock up twice a year when they have good sales from bath & body antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizer etc. $40 4 soap that cost $2 to make is just ridiclous & the fact that Ivanka is pushing it while people can’t work.”

Trump Has Been Staying In Quarantine

Gettyimages | Drew Angerer

Trump might be running low on things to keep her occupied, however, as the first daughter only recently returned to the United States and began working from home saying that she didn’t plan to be around anyone anytime soon, just in case she could be a carrier for the recently spreading COVID-19.

According to The Hill the first daughter is staying away from people “out of an abundance of caution” after returning to the United States and hearing that she came into contact with an Australian official who recently tested positive for the coronavirus.

“News surfaced early Friday morning that Australian minister for home affairs Peter Dutton had tested positive for COVID-19. Dutton traveled to Washington, D.C., last week and met with Ivanka Trump, Attorney General William Barr and other officials on March 5,” The Hill reported.

The White House Was Made Aware Of Dutton’s Condition

Wikimedia |,_Jared_Kushner,_Donald_Trump_and_Ivanka_Trump,_March_2017.jpg

“The White House is aware that Mr. Dutton tested positive for COVID-19. He was asymptomatic during the interaction,” Deere said in a statement quoted by The Hill.

“Exposures from the case were assessed and the White House Medical Unit confirmed, in accordance with CDC guidance, that Ivanka is exhibiting no symptoms and does not need to self-quarantine. She worked from home today out of an abundance of caution until guidance was given,” Deere continued in a news conference with Barr and acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf along with other officials.

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