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Here Is Why #ReOpenAmerica Is Trending

Gettyimages | Alex Wong
By kenadijiba

Just today President Trump announced in an in depth interview that he is considering restarting the economy after Easter. If so, that would be around two more weeks that Americans would be in an unofficial national lockdown. It's confusing as to whether in certain local areas that same rule would apply. The hashtag #ReOpenAmerica ironically wasn't in support of Trump’s actions. A lot of people felt unbelievably infuriated and gone to the lengths of coming together for a workers strike.

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Avoiding Italy's Mistake

Unsplash | Braden Collum

Now, for those who oppose any quick revamp of the American economy, the conflict all rounds back to the quality of American lives. Many Trump officials have even cautioned the President to not take this step. The assumed casualties could be Italian level, and that's something we can't handle, and don't want to battle. Losing one life should be hailed as significant and heart breaking. If we did take that chance of going back to work, who’s to say it would result in losing one million lives.

We Need Leaders

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The stakes are high and the main point as to why we need leaders. Having someone with profound insight and a litany of knowledge is, or at least should be, comforting. With all the turmoil wound up inside of Washington, how are Americans supposed to casually chill at home without slightly freaking out. What must not be done in moments like these, is the cancellation or the black sheeping, of those who have different viewpoints from the mainstream. We have to get to a place of understanding.

Cancel Culture

Nobody should be thrown in the garbage over believing that Trump is correct when it comes to restarting the economy. If that's how someone feels then their point of view is one hundred percent valid. Plus, Trump did highlight some real issues with having the United States under shut down for an extensive amount of time. Honestly, when you have millions of people surviving without a stable living, without money coming in, and without anything to do, there is a possibility for mental hardship to slip in.

"Great Depression"

Open up a dusty history book and look back on what the “Great Depression” did to American people and their state of mind. Millions were lost and hung out to dry like freshly washed laundry. The literature revolving around that time frame should be enough proof that as Americans we cannot withstand having all businesses shut down. It's unprecedented, and it could cause more damage than good. Of Course as civilians we care about the health and well being of one another, but we have to see the nuance in this situation.

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