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Kevin Hart Explains Getting Arrested at 23

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By Lacretia Roberts

Kevin Hart is a household name in comedy and on the big screen. His work has spanned from feature films such as 'Central Intelligence', 'Ride Along ' and 'The Upside.'

Kevin has performed his stand up routine access the country as well as in theatres when he released 'Irresponsible.'

With Coronavirus looming overhead and forcing most civilians to stay home, A rise in the search for entertainment and social media has become increasingly inevitable.

Thankfully fans of Kevin Hart won't have to miss out.

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Kevin Hart has released an all new exclusive Instagram series, 'Confessions of the Hart' in which he uses his renowned humor style to tell vivid anecdotes and memoirs from his life experiences.

In one of the most recent episodes, Kevin tells the challenging story of how he and a close friend and mentor were arrested when he was 23 years old.

Kevin says he was with Keith Robinson during his arrest, which happened while the pair were visiting in New York.

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"Keith always had like this weird energy with the cops, like this back and forth."

Kevin explains that his friend was a natural skeptic of police and he also had a very argumentative nature with them.

The two were in the city, making a college appearance before driving back to Philadephia.

While they were on the road the pair pulled up to a stoplight alongside a police officer. The officer and Kevin's friend Keith made eye contact and by the time Kevin, who was the driver, pulled off, the officer flashed lights to indicate a pull over.

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"When the cops pulled us over, I'm like f*ck, I don't have my license."

Kevin explains that he attempted to inform the officer that he didn't have his license and that he would be able to provide him with any necessary information such as his SSN or other identifying facts.

Of course his friend Keith felt this was immediately unnecessary and while Kevin was attempting to remain calm, Keith was only getting agitated.

Keith kept demanding that the officer explain why they were pulled over, prior to requesting license and registration.


Ultimately Keith refused to let up even after the officer requested that he remain quiet and allow him to speak only with Kevin.

The situation only escalated and Kevin recalls that Keith was asked to step out of the car so the officer could attempt to restrain him.

"Three cops went up to hold Keith, but he was avoiding them and kept saying you're all weak!"

Kevin says that his long time friend resisted arrest, ultimately slamming one cop onto the car and avoiding being hand cuffed with smooth movements that led to him getting pepper sprayed amid yelling a rebuttal, "I eat pepper spray!"

Kevin recalls the two being arrested as tensions mounted due to Keith's odd energy toward cops.

Kevin recalls the incident humorously and says that by morning a crowd had gathered in Keith's honor demanding his freedom.

Kevin laughs as he states,

"In the back of my mind, I'm just like, Keith was wrong! They don't know the story, Keith slammed that cop! And the cops were black!."

It's clear that this is one comical instance that ended in a simple way. Fans can look forward to even more of Kevin's tales by tuning into Instagram.

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