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Kaley Cuoco Shares Epic Fail After Being Thrown From Her Horse

@mrtancook / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Kaley Cuoco is definitely feeling a little stir-crazy while staying home in quarantine, so she's turning to hilarious videos for some much-needed entertainment. The former "Big Bang Theory" star was sharing some videos from her community of horse enthusiasts, and the theme was revealing a video where the rider took an epic tumble from their steed.

Cuoco, who has been riding horses since she was 15 years old, competes in show riding and is very active in the equestrian lifestyle. Her husband, Karl Cook, also rides in competitions and is an accomplished equestrian. However, they both have proof that everyone falls from their horse at some point.

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To Post, Or Not to Post

@kaleycuoco / Instagram

Cuoco's close circle of equestrian friends have been passing the time by sharing videos of themselves getting thrown from their horses, and of course they tagged the TV star in hopes that she would reveal a good fail.

"The moment you realize all your equestrian friends are posting their show ring fails and now you have to do the same and you know there are tons but you really don't want to," Cuoco wrote on IG while trying to decide if she should submit her video.

'Good Try!'

After feeling the pressure, Cuoco finally posted a video of her taking a tumble from her horse, Bella, during a show competition. The "Big Bang Theory" star was tossed from her horse after the animal refused to make a jump, but luckily the experienced star was able to land on her feet without any injury. Cuoco also gave her mom a shoutout, as she could be heard in the video telling her daughter, "Good try though!"

Cuoco admitted the reminiscing was "too much fun," and she nominated her husband to share one of his epic fails.

Karl Did It First

@mrtancook / Instagram

Even though Kaley Cuoco nominated her husband to share one of his epic falls, he went on a long rant about how he has been revealing his failures to fans for a long time already.

"Finally, people are trying to be as cool as me, that's all I have to say," Cook announced before getting ready to reveal one of his favorite bails.

Unlike his wife, Cook did not land on his feet and was thrown head over heels from his horse. The fall was so much that the person recording the video gasped in astonishment.

Finding Comfort in Horses

@kaleycuoco / Instagram

Kaley Cuoco has been having a hard time dealing with the shelter-in-place that has been ordered in California to stop the spread of COVID-19. She's been sharing her daily happenings with fans, including her coffee breaks and touring her new $12 million mansion, but it hasn't been easy.

Luckily, Cuoco is still able to visit and care for her horses, which she admits has been a saving grace during these uncertain times.

"I’m so glad I don’t have to socially distance myself from this kid .. so lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful creatures .. not sure we could survive this without them," Cuoco shared on IG about being around her animals.

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