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Kaley Cuoco poses in a jacket

Kaley Cuoco Stuns In A Nightgown With The Rabbit Who Lives In Her Garage

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco has a bit of a secret Instagram account going on. The "Big Bang Theory" actress may have 5.9 million followers keeping tabs on her main account, but a far-less-followed one is pretty much off-the-radar. @simon_silly_rabbit has just over 75,000 followers – the account is dedicated to the 34-year-old's rabbit Simon, and he's been getting some major coverage on Kaley's stories of late.

Kaley has mostly made headlines this past week for finally moving into her $12 million Hidden Hills mansion with husband Karl Cook. The two may still be settling in together, but Kaley's weekend Instagram stories came – in part – dedicated to another male.

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Simon Silly Rabbit Basically Has The Best Owner Ever

Kaley Cuoco with her rabbit

Kaley's weekend stories showed her at home and showcasing where her rabbits live – keep scrolling for the video.

"We built a little rabbit sanctuary in our garage," Kaley began, adding that it's worked "beautifully for us." The Hippity Hop house is a glass-wrapped greenhouse housing the star's two rabbits – while the tour showed Kaley's pets looking snug, they were also accompanied by a permanent post over on Simon's own account.

The video was adorable. It showed Kaley cuddling her bunny and wearing nothing but a sleeveless white nightgown and slippers. The star appeared makeup-free and very much smitten by her furry friend.

A caption from Simon mentioned the nightgown.

"Did you get a new nightgown . Wow."

'For The Millionth Time, I Am Not A Bunny Expert'

Kaley Cuoco and husband with their rabbit

Kaley's stories also saw her explain the setup with Simon and other rabbit Lenny. Kaley made it very clear that both the housing situation and what she feeds the rabbits aren't her being an expert – "For the millionth time, I am not a bunny expert," she said, adding that she also isn't "a vet."

Food-wise, Kaley admitted that she's not keen on feeding the rabbits fruit. It, er, gives them the runs and the sitcom star isn't a fan of the consequences. That said, the rabbits do get carrots as a "treat."

People Are Commenting, Yes, On The Bunny IG

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Simon seems to have gathered up some fans. Comments came in for the video, with some users appearing to reference the novel coronavirus that's seeing millions face hard times.

"Please keep posting animal videos and pics...we really need this right now Kaley!" one fan wrote.

"That’s a really cute nightgown. You have a habitat for the buns now? 💕" was another comment.

"I actually really like you mom's nightgown, Simon ! 😍," a third fan added.

The nightgown comments clearly seemed to come from fans who know the blonde inside out.

Considers Nightgowns An 'Amazon Essential'

Kaley Cuoco in a nightgown
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley made headlines recently for revealing that she was pretty stressed out at the news that online retail giant Amazon has blocked stock of "non-essential" items amid COVID-19. The star was in bed with her husband, seen slightly freaking out that she wouldn't be able to order her beloved nightgowns – Kaley near lives in them and often appears in one for her "A Cup of Cuoco" Instagram series.

Karl had replied that Kaley's essentials were clearly "different" from other people's.

Kaley is also the new face of Starbucks – clearly, "A Cup of Cuoco" is paying off.

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