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Winchester Mystery House

Stuck at Home? Explore the Spooky Winchester Mystery House Online

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By A. Elise

With so many people on lockdown in their homes because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many notable attractions around the country (and even the world) are closed for business. Unfortunately, children being out of school and adults being out of work means people are looking for fun and entertainment.

Today, the Winchester Mystery House has detailed that it offers a free digital tour of the home and grounds that you can enjoy from home. For now, the tour is available until the estate is officially allowed to open again.

Winchester Mystery House
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On the Winchester Mystery House website, organizers note that the attraction is closed but that the tour provides free video access to the mansion so those at home can explore many of its mysteries.

Additionally, the website is offering ticket sales that help you book a ticket for the future when travel is more available and safer. Buying a ticket now means you experience no restrictions or blackout dates in the future. The tickets are available at a cheaper price than at the box office.

Sarah Winchester sitting in carriage
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Before you take part in the digital tour, you might wonder about the story behind the house. It all stems back to one woman: Sarah Winchester.

Sarah was married to William Wirt Winchester. They had a daughter together, but shortly after her birth she died. Soon, William died of tuberculosis. This left Sarah as the heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms fortune.

Sarah decided to move to the west coast. She bought a house in San Jose, California. There, she embarked on a mission that did not end until her death in 1922.

Winchester Mystery House
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Apparently, Sarah was under the belief that the ghosts of those who had been shot by the Winchester rifle were haunting her. Sarah believed a large house would provide her with security from these restless spirits.

Today, the Winchester Mystery House generally remains the same way Sarah left it.

Construction was consistent for decades, resulting in 24,000 square feet of living space and 10,000 windows. The home features over 160 rooms and 13 bathrooms. It also has six kitchens. That's a lot to explore in person and online.

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Why is the home still so popular today? Sarah Winchester created a mansion based on the fact that she was an independent woman at the time. Over the years, she has become a mystery and a legend. Her home draws millions of guests each year, and many people return multiple times to revisit the architectural mystery. The home has been a huge attraction since it first opened to the public in 1923. And of course, there are still many people who believe the attraction is haunted.

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