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Pete Davidson shows off his tattooed-filled arms in casual clothes and he looks amazing.

Pete Davidson Explains Why Staying Away From Social Media Helped His Mental State

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By Favour

Social media as they say, can be a blessing to some, as well as a curse to others, depending on what it is used for. Several celebrities in the past have had to quit their social media platforms to focus on their lives, careers and goals.

Surprisingly, some of them have also quit the internet all together to cater for their mental health and get better faster. Some celebrities have also named social media as their major source of depression in the past and this does not come as a shock.

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Pete Davidson looks stunning in a pink shirt paired with a denim jacket and
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Recently, Pete Davidson among others, revealed how he was able to focus on his mental health and get bette rim the process. According to the 26-year-old comedian and actor revealed that he had to do away with the internet to get better. This may come as a shock to you because it may be weird to hear someone say that they only got better mentally after staying off social media.

The media, in a way can contribute to putting people in a bad place, especially celebrities.

A photo of Pete Davidson looking amazing in a brown jacket and denim pant.
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These famous people are constantly criticized by internet trolls when they do things that are not ‘acceptable’ to them. Some of them can become affected by this negativity, leading to some mental problems like depression.

Davidson has a long battle with depression and abuse of drugs in the past, and at a point, he was in a really bad place. Of course, there were other factors contributing to his meatball issues, but the internet was also a physical factor which he had to do away with fast.

Pete Davidson looks gorgeous in this photo where he has on a white inner T-shirt with a black suit and a pair of black shades.
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Speaking about bettering his mental health, Davidson said that he began to feel better when he could no longer read the bad things people had to say about him online.

“I don’t think it’s good for anybody, but especially anybody who is a job around this stuff, because you see every comment.” Davidson said.

For over a year now, Davidson has been off social media and so far, things have been going great for the comedian and fans are very excited for him.

Gettyimages | KENA BETANCUR

In the past, Davidson was in the news a lot due to the romantic relationships he engrossed himself in. He first made the tabloids when he started dating “7 Rings” singer, Ariana Grande. The duo were already engaged and planning to get married when it was reported that they had called off the engagement.

By August 2018, it was revealed that Davidson had over 40 tats in different places of his body, including a badge number that belonged to his father, a firefighter who died in the 9/11 attack.

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