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'Bachelor' host Chris Harrison and current lead Peter Weber

'Bachelor' News: Nick Viall Predicts Winner, And Why Kelley Wasn't At WTA

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By Sarah Veldman

No matter what you think about this season, it's certainly been an eventful one. While Chris Harrison may call it the "most dramatic season yet," it was not due to Peter Weber's personality.

No, it was due to the exceptional amount of cat fights and theatrics coming from the contestants. Most surprisingly though, was the fact that Peter seemed to choose women based on how unstable they appeared. The more tears, and breakdowns they had, the more Peter seemed attracted to them.

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This Season Was Full Of Dramatic Contestants

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Finally, we've arrived to the night of the finale, and with it we can leave behind one of the most ridiculous seasons yet. It was a season that made us cringe, and at the same time feel tragically disappointed in the state of the world.

As we approach the two part finale, Nick Viall has made his prediction for who he thinks will win. He recently spoke about this season on Us Weekly's new Bachelor podcast, Here For The Right Reasons.

Nick Viall Gave His Theory On Who Wins

Nick Viall at an IHeart Radio event
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Nick gave his theory, claiming, “My theory was Madison leaves. Peter’s distraught over this. Meanwhile Hannah Ann is just there like, ‘I’m doing everything right!’ And she’s finally like, ‘Screw this, I’m out.’ And Peter’s starting to realize, ‘Oh, it’s been Hannah Ann the whole time. It’s always been you.’ And then he’s kind of like begging for her.”

An interesting take, especially compared to Reality Steve's spoilers. Perhaps Nick read these, and formulated a more creative theory to put out there?

Nick's Theory Goes "Against The Grain"

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The theory that Madison leaves and Peter goes after her was too similar to Colton Underwood's season, so Nick felt he wanted to put out a different theory. He said, “I’m feeling like, maybe, it’s got to be something else. That’s why I’m going against the grain.”

In other Bachelor news, Chris Harrison finally gave an explanation for something Bachelor Nation was not too happy about. Kelley Flanagan, a fan favorite, was not invited to the Women Tell All episode, despite making it very far in the season.

Chris Harrison Explained Why Producers Didn't Invite Kelley To WTA

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Bachelor Nation's resident crier Ashley Iaconetti recapped the Women Tell All episode for Cosmopolitan magazine, and said Chris Harrison claimed the producers felt Kelley was not an integral part of the season.

Fans were rightfully pissed, especially considering the fact that she made it so far, and women who went home the first night were in attendance.

Many viewers felt Kelley was just too mature and didn't feed into the drama the producers are always trying to create.

Kelley for next Bachelorette!

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