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Why Did Peter Get Intimate With the Other Contestants After Madison Asked Him Not To? The 'Bachelor' Tells All

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By Francesca O'Hern

On last week's episode of The Bachelor, Peter Weber disappointed many fans (again) by putting his relationship with frontrunner Madison Prewett at risk. Madison had previously expressed that, because of her values, she would not be comfortable moving forward with Peter if he had slept with other women during the Fantasy Suite dates. When Peter admitted he'd been "intimate", Madison stepped away to get some air, and whether or not she will continue the show is up in the air. Peter recently explained his decision-making behind the situation.

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What Exactly Happened--Was Peter at Fault?

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After learning that she, Victoria F., and Hannah Ann would be continuing to the Fantasy Suite dates, Madison took Peter aside and explained to him that she would find it "very difficult" to continue her relationship with Peter if he were to spend the night with another woman. Peter replied that he wasn't sure that was fair to the other relationships he had, but assured Madison that he cared for her deeply. So, Peter knew what he was getting into with Madison, but had two other relationships that he wanted to explore as well.

Peter Revealed His Motivations

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In an interview with Ashley Iaconetti, Peter explained his actions, saying "That was very though for me. I can't fault Madison at all for sharing what was on her heart. She simply told me if I did that, it'd be hard for her to move forward. But at the same time, I wasn't just dating Madison at that point. I had two other relationships that I was very invested in, and I could honestly see any one of [them] to be my wife...As much as I respect her for sharing with me, I couldn’t hold back the other relationships because of that."

Madison Was Seen as the Frontrunner

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This season of The Bachelor has probably seen more unnecessary drama than all the previous seasons combined. With petty fights, simple miscommunications, and manipulative personalities, it has been difficult to see past the conflict and focus on Peter's search for true love. Madison Prewett has not remotely been involved in any drama this season, and that has made her a favorite to win form the very beginning. So when Peter admitted he had slept with other women, many questioned why he would sabotage the best relationship he had.

What Did Fans Have to Say?

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Overall, it looks like Bachelor Nation was more on Madison's side, although Peter's explanation might change that eventually. Many argued that Madison was the only logical one on the whole show-- who would want to get engaged to a man a week after he'd been sleeping with two other women in real life? And Madison had been clear about her values, so her walking away was completely within her rights, especially if she was uncomfortable with the situation. Mostly, people just mourned the potential end of a good thing.

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