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Kailyn Lowry smiles for a photo

Kailyn Lowry Dubbed Stupid For Iceland Travels Amid Coronavirus – Shares Anti-Vaxx Message

Kailyn Lowry/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kailyn Lowry is facing some online backlash. The "Teen Mom 2" star has mostly made headlines this month for her February 4 pregnancy announcement, although she hasn't let expecting her fourth boy stop her from traveling.

Kailyn is currently in Iceland. The MTV face marked her arrival in the snowy destination with some white-blanketed footage before showing her digs, with the news of her arrival not taking long to generate a Reddit thread. Fans there have been leaving thoughts – both over Kailyn's decision to travel to Europe, plus the fact that she's recently been sharing Anti-Vaxxer content.

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Called A 'Dumb*ss' As Comments Get A Little Trolling

Kailyn Lowry enjoys noodles
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

The Reddit thread discussing Kailyn's travels was entitled: "Seems like Kail couldn't get any stupider."

The OP kicked it off.

"Why is this dumb_ss flying to Europe while coronavirus is spreading? Like, no it hasn’t been detected in Iceland, but I’ve done a lot of traveling and Reykjavik is a pretty big hub for travelers going to many different countries. Most people I know aren’t even considering flying within the United States and this b_tch is taking a whole _ss unnecessary vacation while pregnant."

Definitely not opting out of the cuss words or the harsh vibe.

'I Wouldn't Be Too Bothered If She Vaccinated Her Kids'

Kailyn Lowry's anti-vaxx message
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Replies to the thread varied. While some users thought that it was no big deal for Kailyn to be traveling as the Coronavirus cases continue to mount up, others agreed.

One user mentioned Kailyn not vaccinating her kids.

"I wouldn't be too bothered by it if she vaccinated her kids," they wrote.

Kailyn updated her stories on Thursday with an anti-vaxx message. The repost from The Truth About Vaccines saw the mom of three share a message suggesting that an infant's immune system can't handle vaccines.

Others Say 'Calm Down, Seriously'

Kailyn Lowry poses with her sons
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Kailyn was backed up.

"Calm down seriously. I live in europe and I am in no way shape or form exposed to the virus. Yes it’s spreading but 99% of people here live their normal day to day life without even thinking about corona virus," one user wrote.

The Coronavirus that originated in China has now spread to over 40 countries, having claimed over 2,800 lives. Travel has been disrupted in Europe, but Europeans haven't been warned not to travel to Iceland.

Some Fans Feel She Should've Stayed Home

Kailyn Lowry poses in a jumpsuit
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Meanwhile, one user stated that Kailyn should simply have stayed home.

"Couldn’t agree more. Every time I’ve been on a plane, I have caught something. I just would not risk it flying overseas right now," they wrote.

"I don’t think it matters where she flies to. I think it’s dumb in general to get on any airplane even within the us. That air inside is funky and recycled through idk how many flights. And the flu is pretty bad right now. I live in Maryland not far from her not that it matters, but I wanna say 5 children have died in my state in the past week from the flu. And she doesn’t vaccinate sooooo 🤦🏼‍♀️," another said.

Fortunately, plenty of others felt that the OP was overdoing it.

Kailyn has yet to post a permanent Instagram update from her vacation.

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