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Sex And The City's Main Cast

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By Stephanie Elmir

"Sex And The City" was a landmark television series on HBO that followed the dating, love, and sex lives of four modern women in New York City. Without these specific women, all different in style and motivation, the show's dynamic would not have been the same.

Moreover, the show portrayed these flawed and imperfect women trying to find love while maintaining careers and being sexually active. This level of assertion, understanding, and depth led for a beloved hit series, fans still in love with the cast.

Sarah Jessica Parker


Played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie Bradshaw became a household name, as recognizable as other fictional names like Bart Simpson or Harry Potter. Parker already had a prominent career in theatre from a young age but had not yet received stardom.

Parker's portrayal of Bradshaw was wildly loved, showing the struggle of a sex columnist trying to find love in New York City. Moreover, her adventures related to other women watching, a new age of high powered female minds wanting it all.

Kim Cattrall


Played by Kim Cattrall, Samantha Jones is the iconic woman of the show who had sex all the time, with strangers, with friends, with enemies, and was always happy to be single. Before the show, Cattrall had plenty of film and television experience under her belt, but much like Parker, this role catapulted her status.

Cattrall played Samantha as a powerful, sexually confident woman who ran an equally formidable public relations company. Her character empowered others to get it while it lasts.

Cynthia Nixon

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Played by Cynthia Nixon, Miranda Hobbes was the lawyer friend who was cynical of men and afraid to be loved. Nixon also had a long resume before the show, then pulled into A-List stature. Her Miranda is now regarded as one of the most well rounded fictional women in television, also the most relatable.

Nixon's Miranda did not sacrifice her lucrative career to find a man, and when she ended up married with a child, she fought to do it all.

Kristin Davis

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Kristin Davis plays Charlotte York, a woman obsessed with getting married. having kids, and looking perfect while doing it. Before the HBO series, Davis was a television and soap opera fiend, another accomplished resume in the cast.

Davis's portrayal of Charlotte was of a woman still sweet and hopeful in a horrifying world of dating. Although the most willing to fall in love, she was often bitten by reality. Eventually, she got the man of her dreams after she stopped trying to make everything perfect.

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