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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton's Hit Song that Gwen Stefani Says it's her Favorite

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By Alan Blake

Gwen Stefani has been consistent in her music career, seemingly sticking to her all-time rock-pop. Her boyfriend is doing quite well in country music and is probably managing to pull Stefani from the pop-music shelf, and opening up the country music world for her.

Although she has been all through her career stuck to her music style, she is not limited when it comes to the genre she loves to enjoy listening. She recently revealed that one of Blake Shelton's songs is her favorite.

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Gwen and Blake Allegedly Met in 2014

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani
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The duo seems to share a strong bond if their latest song is anything to go by. They reportedly met in 2014 and were both previously married. It was the year when Stefani joined 'The Voice' as a coach. Shelton divorced his then-wife Miranda Lambert while Stefani called it quits with Gavin Rossdale.

The two recently opened up about their intention to take their relationship to the next level, although there seems to be a problem. Gwen's Roman Catholic faith doesn't allow her to remarry before annulling her previous marriage, which they believe will take time to do.

Shelton and Stefani's Country Hit

Gwen Stefani
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'Nobody but You' is the latest hit for the duet Blake Shelton and Stefani. The video starts with shots of the love birds singing in the middle of a forest, with dark scenery that perfectly matches the emotional lyrics. The two are at first imagining themselves in a world away from each other.

However, in the second verse, the mood changes, and the two sing about spending time with their loved one. The scene becomes brighter, and the duet happier. Gwen and Blake can be seen kissing by the beachside, enjoying rides down the road, and enjoying French fries in a dinner.

Stefani Reveals her Favorite Song

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Stefani was allegedly introduced to her music career by her elder brother, Eric. She was still a teenager who fell in love with music and realized her talent in vocals. Gwen's career has been through a lot of challenges, although the rock star finally settled and revealed to be a pop-star.

Blake Shelton is probably the best thing that has happened to her since as she is currently into a new genre, thanks to the lad. They even released their hit 'Nobody but You' to country music, and Stefani confessed to Gayle King that Shelton's ‘Anyone Else’ is her favorite.

Shelton and Stefani Headed for Marriage

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The two have been termed couple goals several times and are confident they found the right one. Stefani had been in a marriage for fourteen years, and she seems ready to give it a second chance only if the man is Blake Shelton. She seems confident about working a way out her only obstacle, getting an official divorce with Gavin Rossdale.

According to a source close to the lovebirds, they are in a 'very serious' relationship, and it is undoubtedly headed for marriage.

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