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Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke Are Pregnant

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By kenadijiba

Gossip Girl stans of the past and “You” lovers of today are filled with glee over the recent news that Penn Badgley and wife Domino Kirke are pregnant. With “Joe” now becoming a father ironically in the television show and real-life it is going to be interesting what Penn brings to the role now, that he didn't necessarily pinpoint before. Fans are wondering how Joe’s character will change after having a child if at all. When studying the psychology of sociopaths they usually remain the same even after an event so incredible does happen.

A Private Life

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The relationship history between Domino Kirke and Penn is quite hush hush. Did Penn learn from his last famous coupling with co star Blake Lively that maybe it isn't good to have such a fanbase behind your relationship? He probably did, and when appearing in select interviews Penn doesn't come off as the typical wannabe leading man. He seems like an average Joe, no pun intended who just likes getting a doughnut and a coffee ever so often as he reads the rest of a nonfiction book on a random porch.

The Charm Of NYC


It is lovely to think that actors do live quite normal lives, especially when they reside in gutsy places like New York where nobody gives a damn who you are. The freedom that must be so profoundly felt has to make someone who on the regular has people in their face, desire graciously to keep a lock on key on that newfound privacy. Publically in true Scorpio fashion Penn does not overtly post about his wife, or talk about her extensively in interviews. His seperation of work and home life is admirable.

The "Tea" On Domino

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As for the details on his seemingly carefree and hippie esque wife Domino, there really isn't too much to go into. She comes off as unproblematic and simple in the best way. Her famous sister Jemima Kirke who starred on the critically acclaimed show “Girls' ' created by Lena Dunham, is more of a presence in the entertainment industry than her sister. Could this be by choice? Surely, but with Penn and Jemima receiving such praise in their respected acting fields it would be interesting to see what Domino could bring to the table.

Too Much Publicity

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When they do have their baby it is assumed that they won't turn into one of the Kardashians and constantly post him or her to Instagram. Anyways, many people don't agree with this decision in the first place whether the child is famous by default or not. At the end of the day is it truly unfair to publicize a child all the way up into adolescence, and then adulthood if that was never their choice to begin with. Who knows if in ten more years these kids are going to be okay with constant embarrassing photos from when they were 8 being splashed all over the internet.

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