is waging war on Conor McGregor again.

Jake Paul

The YouTuber turned boxer wants to meet the Irishman in the ring once he’s healed from his injury.

McGregor and Paul have yet to face off in the ring, but the content creator says it ‘will happen’ eventually.

The things impeding McGregor currently are his broken leg and alcohol.

While talking to “TalkSports,” Paul said, “If Conor was my client I would say stop drinking you Irish idiot. Put the bottle down, put the bottle down and get some Ws! And those fake teeth are ugly as f***.”

This isn’t the first time Paul has commented on McGregor’s heavy drinking habits.

In August he called out the Irishman’s alcohol brand during a press conference.

He said, “He’s one in three in the past four years. So, guy needs to get off of his little vodka or...

whatever the f*** his brand is and sober up and get back in the f***ing gym, and then we can f***ing fight." No official fight between McGregor and Paul has been set..