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'Love Island' Host Caroline Flack Committed Suicide

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By kenadijiba

With the recent painful losses of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, and Hollywood royalty Kirk Douglas, it seems as if death has invaded all arenas. Now, with the loss of “Queen of Katwe” star Nikita Pearl Waligwa due to a brain tumor as well as “Sex In The City’s” “Magda” Lynn Cohen passing away at 86, it as if the world for the last month has been in a profound stage of mourning. To everyone's heart wrenching surprise another shockwave broke through concerning the bubbly, bright “Love Island” beauty Caroline Flack.

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Her Love Island Legacy

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On February 15, the news reported that “Love Island” host Caroline Flack had commited suicide. This, of course, was a stab to the soul for many “Love Island” watchers and those who knew Caroline personally. Signs that she was depressed or facing such life-altering thoughts would not be evident through the way she presented. Her light-filled smile and confident air of self was one of the many things people appreciate about her. Although in the months leading to her death she had faced controversy, this could not have been a prediction over how Carolines life was going.

Niall Horan Speaks Out Against The Media

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Popular celebrities who shared close proximity to Caroline like “One Direction” singer Niall Horan, decided to call out the media publicly for the constant criticisms made concerning Flack before her death. An issue that had been highly concentrated on had to do with her personal life. With their being an alleged “altercation” of sorts between her and a boyfriend the decision was made that she be fired from her hosting job. This in turn affected her image and influenced the way sponsors would approach her in business dealings. Could this have had an affect on Carolines mental well being?

Keeping Things Private

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Is the media always to blame when something so devastating like this happens. As for such a touchy subject like death, there needs to be context. In all honesty nobody knows what someone is going through. Those last moments Caroline had are not something that should be up for debate or discussion. Why someone does something so final can only be understood by that person in question. All the public can do is be less judgemental and more kind in day to day life, because you never know fully the battle someone faces from within.

Mental Health

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With two other people who were involved with “Love Island” commiting suicide pre Carolines death, people are calling for some type of change to persist. The prioritizing of mental health needs to come to the forefront before going forward with such arduous television work. There also should probably be therapists around or professionals in that community on standby to ensure that everyone involved feels truly okay. As for Carolines legacy she leaves a beautiful one. The love along with positive energy she brought every time her face lit up the screen will be felt forever.

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