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Amber Rose Gets a Shocking Tattoo on Her Face In Honor of Her Kids.

Gettyimages | Phillip Faraone
By Imani Ford

A few months ago, the news hit that Amber Rose finally had her second son. This information was such a big deal on social media because the length of her pregnancy was a running gag. To most fans, her pregnancy seemed to last longer than the usual 9 months. What also made this news a big deal was what she decided to name her new baby boy. She settled on the name Slash. A few months later, Amber is in the news for a similar reason. On February 8th, Rose was shopping in L.A when a photo was taken of her leaving a store.

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Gettyimages | Paras Griffin

She has always been known to switch up her looks. It seems like every time she steps out, she gives fans a new look. From her hairstyles to her fashion, she always gives her fans something exciting. This new face tattoo is no exception. An official photo from her has not been posted on her social media yet but her new tattoo is easy for anyone to notice. Amber rose has her two sons named tattooed on her forehead. The first name on her forehead is Bash. Bash is the nickname for her oldest son Sebastian. She had her oldest son with rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire

On the other side of her forehead, she has her 4-month-old son Slash Tattoed in a large font. She had Slash with her current boyfriend Alexander Edwards. The 36-year-old model turned businesswoman, has always expressed the love she has for her kids. On her Instagram, her page is filled with photos of Slash and Bash. This goes to show that Amber has never been shy in expressing her love for her kids. The new ink isn't an exception.

Gettyimages | Andrew Toth

This is not the first time Amber Rose has gotten a face tattoo. Back in 2015, she appeared with a large tribal tattoo on the side of her face. The only reason her new tattoo is so surprising is that it's directly on her forehead. Even though Amber has not publicly acknowledged her new tattoo to the media, the picture is spreading like wildfire. Of course, social media has a lot to say about Amber's new tattoo.

Gettyimages | Sam Wasson

Some memes love her new tattoo and some are questioning her bold choice. Amber has never shied away from controversy. From her well-known SlutWalk to her choices with friends, she always stands in her truth no matter what others think. No matter people's stance, all of the memes are hilarious. Some people are concerned about her new tattoo choice. Others are interested to know why. Hopefully Amber will post something to her social media so fans can officially see her new ink.

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