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Amber Heard poses in a cut-out dress

Amber Heard Goes Shirtless After Getting Trashed By Own Fans For 'Hitting' Johnny Depp With Pots & Pans

Gettyimages | VCG
By Rebecca Cukier

Amber Heard isn't letting the backlash get to her. The "Justice League" actress was propelled to the front of global media this past week after a 2015 audio saw her fully admit to "hitting" ex-husband Johnny Depp – keep reading to see Amber confess to assaulting the 56-year-old actor with pots and pans.

Amber made headlines this weekend as her own Instagram followers turned against her. Fans had clearly read transcripts of the audio, with the 33-year-old being told she won't be forgiven as fans lashed out.

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A Confident Gaze Despite The Hate

Amber Heard takes a selfie in a shirtless jacket
Amber Heard/Instagram

Sunday brought a fresh Instagram story from Amber. The 33-year-old took a quick selfie ahead of an awards ceremony, choosing to show off her stylish outfit.

The photo showed Amber looking into the camera as she snapped herself in what was likely a very pricey getup – Amber had tagged her abstract and check-print jacket as being from luxury Italian designer Fendi. The shirtless suit look seemed to be what Amber was going for, with the star also accessorizing her jacket with a gold necklace, hanging gemstones, and giving the jewelry a mention. Amber was accessorized in Bulgari.

The Audio Confess: Admits To 'Hitting' Johnny, Says 'Grow The F*ck Up'

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp on the red carpet
Gettyimages | Stuart C. Wilson

Fans were shocked when a call between the 2017-divorced couple was leaked by The Daily Mail. Johnny has accused Amber of physical violence in the past, but fans hadn't yet heard the "Aquaman" actress admit to anything.

"I'm sorry that I didn't, uh, uh, hit you across the face in a proper slap, but I was hitting you, it was not punching you. Babe, you're not punched," Amber was heard saying.

"I'm not going be in a physical f--king altercation with you... you f--king hit me last night," Jonny said.

Amber replied.

"That's different. That's different. One does not negate the other. That's irrelevant, that's a complete non sequitur. Just because I've thrown pots and pans does not mean you cannot come and knock on my door."

He Says His Severed Finger Was Her Throwing A Vodka Bottle At Him

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp at a table
Gettyimages | Jason Merritt/TERM

The audio was extensive, with Amber and Johnny also discussing the severed finger he suffered towards the beginning of their 2015 marriage – while Amber claimed Depp was high on ecstasy and cut it himself, the actor claimed that his then-wife threw a bottle of vodka at him.

Also recorded was Amber calling Depp a "vacation husband" and telling him to "grow the f*ck up."

Amber made headlines after her marriage for penning an op-ed claiming that she was a victim of domestic violence. Depp filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit as a result. The op-ed didn't see Amber drop any names.

Claims Nobody Would Ever Believe He Was A Victim Of Domestic Violence

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp pose for a photo
Gettyimages | John Shearer

The audio also saw Heard claim that nobody would ever believe that Johnny was a victim of domestic violence.

"Do you know I'm a 115, well not anymore, but I was a 115 lb almost 115 lb woman...have I ever been able to knock you off of your feet? Or knock you off balance? -- "You're going to get up on the stand, Johnny, and say, 'she started it'? Really? I have never been able to overpower you that's the difference between me and you...and that's a difference, that's a whole world, and there's a jury and there's a judge will see that there's a very big difference between me and you," she said.

Amber, meanwhile, has repeatedly accused Depp of being violent towards her during their marriage.

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