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Tyler Perry's New Film 'A Fall From Grace' Is Tumbling

Gettyimages | Michael Loccisano
By kenadijiba

Tyler Perry’s most recent film “A Fall From Grace” needs to be helped up off the floor. Known for his niches like movies concerning his iconic character of Madea and his not so subtle overarching themes, Tyler has undeniably created his own lane. His success isn't something that can be denied, but something he can be judged for is his obvious lack of professionalism when it comes to putting together these countless films. For years critics have roasted every single movie Tyler Perry has released without mercy. His production style and directorial moves prove time and again that critics are not wrong in their judgments.

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Someone Come Save "A Fall From Grace"

Giphy | Boo! A Madea Halloween

Someone needs to call the E.R because “A Fall From Grace” has absolutely no way of being revived. This film from the artificial 1980s looking wigs, to the extras pretending to sip water and eat air, is validation enough for why Tyler Perry needs to sit in his compound and allocate his funds to fixing the machine that is Tyler Perry productions. It is a staple of Perry’s to mesh a movie together like a tired Domino’s pizza employee in a month’s span and promote the absolute hell out of it in order to fill his capitalistic soul, and gain the most profit. Some of the scenes in “A Fall From Grace” don't even seem real. It’s as if Perry sandwiches these scenes together by himself on his Dell laptop without any help whatsoever and ignored the oh so obvious issues. If we even took the time to dive into the utterly confusing plot and clearly not cohesive relationships there wouldn't be any hours left in the day.

Can He Fix The Machine?


With all the complaints layered throughout Twitter as well as the obligatory memes, Perry has to know that he needs to clean his act up. This doesn't necessarily mean he must create an Oscar winning screenplay or emmy worthy television show, because at the end of the day, especially in this new climate most people don't care about awards like they used to. What should be paid attention to along with nurtured and respected is his audience? For Perry since the dawn of his plays, his audience has been devoted and cult-like. Once he loses them he will begin to lose everything, and he has to be intelligent enough to understand that. If he just tweaked the continuously repackaged storyline he always does then he might have a fighting chance.

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