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Jennifer Garner is Bummed No One Swipes Right on Her Tinder Profile

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Megan Prevost

Jennifer Garner is probably one of the best celebrities on Instagram at the moment.

Recently she started a pretend cooking show on her IGTV where she teaches her follows how to cook her favorite recipes. She's definitely not a professional chef, but that's probably the best part.

She also shared a video of the time that Julie Andrews called her. She's a huge fan of Andrews and was starstruck when she received the call.

Recently people and celebrities have been participating in a challenge where they post four pictures of themselves, one for their LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles.

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Giphy | Late Night with Seth Meyers

Jennifer Garner chimed in and joined this conversation, adding her four pictures.

In her LinkedIn picture she is seen rocking a suit top/blazer with a blue button up shirt underneath, very professional.

In her Facebook picture, she looks much more laid paid in a plaid button-up.

In her Instagram picture, she wears an incredible white gown, looking as fancy as possible.

And in her Tinder picture, she wears a yellow wet suit shirt and a pair of black bikini bottoms. She also appears to be on a stand-up paddleboard.

Wikimedia |

In response to her tweet @jean.simon comments, "I would have switched the instagram and tinder pics..." This would mean switching the sportier look for Instagram and the more glamorous look Tinder.

This is probably because Garner is rocking a more natural and sporty look in the Tinder picture. We think it would a great pick for her Tinder profile, but apparently others do not agree.

In a hilarious reply Garner said, "Shoot, is THAT why no one swipes?" alluding to the fact that she gets no responses on her likely non-existent Tinder account.

Gettyimages | Presley Ann

Former contestant on The Bachelorette, Tyler Cameron, then chimed in with a response, commenting back, "@jennifer.garner I'm still swiping right."

It's 100% likely that this is just a cute flirty comment with nothing more behind it. But let's pretend it isn't for a second. Could you imagine Jennifer Garner getting together with former Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron? How weird/adorable would that be?

Anyways, it looks like nothing is really happening between them as far as we can tell, but the exchange was definitely entertaining.


As far as social media goes, Garner has been keeping up with her appearance pretty well.

Just recently she even posted a picture of herself in her in a bathrobe with soaking wet hair. The caption read, "She barely made the bus on time, but at least her mother kept it classy."

This lead to her followers sounding off with their own relatable mom moments in the comments.

2019 hasn't seen much from Jennifer Garner in terms of movie or TV work, but we're happy she keeps active on social media.

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