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Diddy Admits to Going through Depression Following a Series of Devastating Events

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By Zachary Holt

Depression can happen to anyone, especially when tragic circumstances are piled on to each other, one after the other. It can seem like an inescapable void that is only compounded and exacerbated by the realization of the state, making even acknowledging that one is depressed all the much harder. For Diddy, also known as, Sean Combs, he went through a rough bout of depression that followed devastating events for him in 2019. At one point, Diddy admitted that he wanted to give up, all together.

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Combs Loses the Mother of His Children to Battle with Pneumonia, Complications

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Despite being one of the biggest hip hop icons of the last three decades and having more money than most people would know what to do with, Combs' life began to unravel in 2019, something that all the Grammy awards, number-one songs, and platinum albums couldn't help.

At the end of 2018, Combs found out that his ex-girlfriend and the mother of four of his children, Kim Porter was found dead in her home. According to the coroner, she had died due to complications attributable to pneumonia. The ex-couple had been divorced for several years, but still remained close as they co-parented.

Diddy's Girlfriend of 10 Years Breaks Up with Him, Moves on Completely with Someone Else

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That same year, Combs and his girlfriend, Cassie Ventura broke up after the couple had been together for nearly ten years. Throughout the year, the hip hop artist tried to win Ventura back over, even posting an old photo of her to his Instagram story back in December, hoping that would bring her back to him. Devastatingly, though, Ventura announced not long after the post, that she had completely moved on and was expecting a child with her new boyfriend.

For Combs, it was just another cruel hit that was driving him further and further into depression, leaving him with thoughts of just giving up.

His Instagram Video Post Depicting the Struggles Experienced in 2019

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This past New Year's Eve, Diddy posted a video to his Instagram page letting people know how he was doing, while also ensuring others that are suffering through hard times, that they're not alone.

"2019 was a crazy year,” Diddy said in the Instagram video. “It was a great year for some of us. And for some of us, that sh**t was really, really, really hard, man. It was a hard year. I want to tell everyone that went through the shift and had a hard year, dealt or are dealing with heartbreak or loss or just not knowing where they’re going. Depression, you know, the energy was real, real heavy out there. I even got affected by it, you know. 2019 was honestly the year that I felt like I wanted to give up."

Combs Offers Words of Encouragement to Those Suffering through Depression

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But while Combs did suffer through a terrible year, he shared that having others around him helped pull him out the funk. "I’m telling you this because I had so many people to help me. To help lift me up. Before we go to 2020, we need each other. We got to lift each other up. Lift it up."

Time heals all wounds, eventually, but we're glad that he had a supporting cast to help him initially get through one of the hardest periods in his life.

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