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What’s The Secret NeNe Leakes Texted Wendy Williams?

Gettyimages | Astrid Stawiarz
By kenadijiba

Yesterday on the iconic “Wendy Williams Show” there was a bizarre moment that had Jerry O’ Connell and the audience alike confused. It is no secret that Wendy and Jerry have formed a genuine close-knit relationship, so when he comes on for an interview the consensus is that the tea will be spilt. Well, it wasn't anticipated that it would be dumped. While talking aimlessly about Jerry and his twin daughters with wife Rebecca Romijn “The Real Housewives” was brought up. What followed had Wendy visibly shaken telling Jerry forcefully to cool it.

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Crying On Air


As all avid Wendy watchers know, anything can make her cry at the drop of a hat. Sometimes it makes sense and other times it is a bit disconcerting the things she becomes emotional about. But many people grew concerned over her reaction about Nene Leakes and a nut in bolt secret. Their personal rocky relationship has been well documented for everyone to see, but now they look to be in good graces especially since she was so vulnerable as to tell Wendy such a personal secret. While on the couch with Jerry, Wendy said randomly that she had received a text message from Nene. The shocking scoop was that she would not be returning to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. After dropping this exclusive hot take Wendy then became distressed and tears welled up in her eyes. She told Jerry that if we all knew what NeNe was going through behind the scenes it would break our hearts.

What Is The Secret?

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Keeping the secret as ominous as Wendy could which is a miracle in itself, she began to get annoyed with O’Connell when he quickly plugged his new t.v. show and sprinted back to the topic. He threw out ideas of what this could be concerning possibly NeNe’s husband Greg’s health, the wellbeing of her son, and a trope of other issues. Wendy said no to them all and said she wouldn't be talking about it publicly until NeNe did. After this whole debacle ended fans began brainstorming in the comments. Some believed Wendy would not have brought such a personal thing up if NeNe didn't already give her the green light. Others believe this all for publicity for when NeNe decides to come onto the show and plug a possible product. For right now it is tough to say if this secret is genuine or just another celebrity ploy to drag eyes back to “The Real Housewives”. If it is then like the saying goes “The Devil Works Hard”, but it seems like Andy Cohen is working harder.

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