James Corden

Files Restraining Order Against Alleged Female Stalker: She Wants To ‘Marry Me!’ ‘The Late Late Show’ host is serious.

According to legal docs obtained by The Blast, James is asking a judge to keep a woman 100 yards away from his home and family.

He says the alleged stalker has attempted to contact him multiple times and that the behavior is "escalating over time."


In the filing, Corden claims in December of 2020, the person began staking out his house and stayed for six straight days.

She "expressed frustration to my staff and in social media posts that my wife ‘stole’ me from her, and that once my wife is ‘out of the picture’ (or words to that effect), she and I can be together.”

“I am highly concerned that (her) escalating conduct, and in particular her repeated and increasingly lengthy visits to my residence, poses a threat to my wife and children,” Corden wrote.

He claims the LAPD confronted her, and she insisted she recently spent time with him and planned to get married in Vegas. He told the police, “none of which is true.”

In the end, Corden was granted a temporary order, which orders the woman to stop all contact and keep 100 yards away from his home and his family.


If she breaks it, LAPD can arrest her for violating a court order, and the penalties can start to become very strict, including lengthy jail time.