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Los Angeles Earthquake - Celebrities Shake to Twitter

Unsplash | Sterling Davis
By Nic Morales

Many Celebrities take to social media after feeling an earthquake late Tuesday night. The Los Angels Times reports that the 3.6 earthquakes shook buildings and the sense of safety centered in Granada Hills, but was felt in many of the surrounding areas; San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Los Feliz, the Hollywood Hills, plus many more areas were shaken up.

Celebrities from these areas took to social media to find relief of worry, find fellow earthquake feelers, and get in on the news.

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Clearly a Frightening Experience


Sarah Silverman surely looked for Serenading Unicorn for comfort, but found Twitter the more knowledgeable source. This comedic actress, most recently known for her role in Hulu's two-time Emmy Nominated series, I Love You, America, was worried for her safety.

We all know Silverman's humor is honest and unapologetic, but her secret is that she doesn't take herself too seriously. In this new series, she mixes her knowledge on poo jokes with her genuine care for others, to make a memorable moment on the screen.

Wikimedia |,_Alexandra_Daddario_(cropped).jpg

Alexandra Daddario also took to Twitter to express her fear. Well known for her role in the TV series Why Women Kill, a dark comedy-drama, she clearly didn't see this earthquake coming.

She's been hard at work on this new CBS ALL ACCESS series, bringing us a performance as Jade. Rest assured, she's okay, and we can expect to see her in the upcoming sequel to 2015's San Andreas Two minutes can seem so long when you feel you're in danger. We can't imagine how afraid she was.

On a Lighter Note


Olivia Munn, well known for her part in the STARZ miniseries, The Rook, rushed to Twitter to find others who also felt the rumble. If she was nervous, she hid it well.

Emily Osment puts a comedic spin on the scary situation. We know how important our furry family members are, so we aren't surprised in Osment's reaction. On initial terror, she swoops her furbaby into her arms and considers how she looks for the firemen. Oh, Emily. Silly Emily. We're sure she looked fabulous as always right at that moment!

Why is This Little Quake So Scary?

Even though this earthquake didn't cause much of any damage, we are reminded that we will never know when the next one will hit. This one came out of nowhere, and the next probably will too. Prepare yourself for the next one by following the tips in the Los Angeles Times article on earthquake preparation.

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