Gabby Petito’s official cause of death was revealed on Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

Dr. Brent Blue of the Teton County, Wyoming coroner’s office held a press conference and revealed the cause and manner of death.

“We hereby find cause and manner of death, death by strangulation and manner is homicide,” Dr. Blue revealed.

Per the Wyoming state statute, the coroner’s office only has to reveal the cause and manner of death.

John Walsh of “In Pursuit with John Walsh” asked point blank if the coroner’s office knew if Brian Laundrie killed Gabby.

Walsh said, “I think everybody in the world believes Brian Laundrie killed Gabby. With your extensive work on the body are you sure that it’s Brian Laundrie and will the FBI issue a nationwide homicide warrant now that now that they know the cause of death?”

Dr. Blue was also asked if Gabby Petito was pregnant at the time of her death. He revealed she was not pregnant.

Gabby’s body was reportedly out in the wilderness for three to four weeks before being found, according to Dr. Blue.