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'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' Whitney Worries Fans After Being Seen In Undies Without Engagement Ring

@whitneywaythore / Instagram
By Gary Trock

The star of TLC's "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" has been sharing every moment of her crazy world with fans, however, she needed to set the record straight after a recent photo caused an uproar with her loyal followers. Whitney Way Thore is currently on a vacation out west to San Diego and shared a photo of herself hanging out on her friend's couch in a very revealing photo. Wearing only her undies, Thore was seen getting some quality cuddles in with her friend's dog.

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Everyone Calm Down

@whitneywaythore / Instagram

"BRB, becoming a dog person. 🐶" Thore captioned the shot.

However, even though the photo was meant to be fun, fans noticed the reality star was not wearing her engagement ring and began to get worried she had broken up with fiance Chase Severino.

The drama by Thore's followers got so great that she was forced to step in and put a rest to the rumors. She ended up editing her caption to address the negativity.

"y’all, I’m undressed in my friend’s house about to get massages. My two nice rings (including that one) are in the bathroom — CHIIIIIIIIIIIIILL!!" she wrote.

Her Fans Hit Back at Troll

@whitneywaythore / Instagram

After Thore cleared the air, her fans were back in her corner and turned towards another problem. While out in San Diego, the star stopped by to see the seals in La Jolla, but one person left a particularly nasty comment about her outfit, which showed her midriff.

"I get this whole body confidence movement but do you think this is actually appropriate to wear out in public? I mean even as a fit person I wouldnt wear that out," the critic wrote.

@whitneywaythore / Instagram

"because she dares to feel comfortable in her own body? I’d urge you to find some of the confidence she has. You are beautiful and deserve to feel comfortable in your body too. Best of luck," one of Thore's fans responded to the online troll.

"it's a free world and she can wear what ever she likes. Don't look it you don't like it. How rude!" another clapped back.

"I think she looks awesome. I wish I had half of her confidence. If people don't like it they are free to look away," another person wrote.

Over 150 replies were lobbed at the person, who will probably be clearing out their inbox for some time.

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