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Farrah Abraham and Sophia

Fans Rebuke Farrah Abraham for Taking Her Daughter Sophia on a Yacht Ride

Gettyimages | Johnny Nunez
By Alan Blake

Farah Abraham is again on the receiving end after her video showing her in an expedition with Thompson, along with her daughter Sophie. The former star in the ‘Teen Mom’ series got her fans wondering why her daughter Sophie, 10, had to be in the expedition. Ok Magazine reported that her posts had made their way to Reddit, where users expressed mixed feelings, with one terming it as ‘disgusting.’ A seemingly concerned Reddit user went ahead to say that intervention was necessary since no one seemed to care about little Sophie.

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Farrah Abraham
Gettyimages | Theo Wargo

In the opinion of one of the Redditors, as Ok Magazine notes, Farrah was treating her daughter as her peer. The user argued that it is not the little girl’s responsibility to serve as a travel companion and best friend to her mom. Sophie instead deserves a proper upbringing just like other kids. However, it is not the first time the star is raising controversy about her daughter. She had a few weeks ago posted awkward TikTok videos with her daughter, including a live stream rejuvenation procedure.


The vagina rejuvenation video showed the entire procedure, and at this point, her fans thought she had crossed too far. Fans learned that her daughter was watching the 2018 video on social media. Her followers have since been on a declining trend, and the Instagram story could be the cause. As Cheat Sheet reports, Farrah believes in herself as an excellent mother and gives no ear to the hate. Speaking on Face the Truth, she at one time referred to herself as a ‘damn good mother.’

Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia
Gettyimages | Theo Wargo

While Farrah Abraham still holds that she is a good parent to her daughter, it is evident Sophia has also grown a couple of haters from the controversies. The 10-year-old revealed she is aware of her haters’ existence and that she sees their comments. She confessed to receiving hater-comments every day and all the time. In her Instagram video, Sophie declares to read aloud her haters’ comments and shame them. Her mom seems to have adopted a new strategy to protect her daughter by turning off comments.

Farrah Abraham
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Farrah posted a video on Jan 11, which showed her daughter dancing, but turned off comments. Her move proved to be the new ‘protective’ style when she again disabled the remarks section of her Jan 13 video that had Sophie and a friend enjoying some ice cream. However, there is no assurance that she will keep all her future posts’ comments disabled, although it could be a workable way to keep her daughter away from the online bullies. The star also recently mentioned about the ongoing Sophia’s therapy on a Juicy Scoop podcast.

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