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Farrah Abraham in the street

Farrah Abraham Gets Honest About Live-Streamed 'Vagina Tightening'

Gettyimages | Hollywood To You/Star Max
By Rebecca Cukier

Farrah Abraham has zero problem sharing her cosmetic procedures. The former "Teen Mom OG" star has undergone plenty – for 28-year-old Farrah, there's no shame in stopping by the clinic.

Farrah's most recent procedure took care of things down below. This MTV face received a helping hand from Dr. Rahi Medical & Aesthetics, also live-streaming the whole thing over on her Instagram. Farrah made headlines for doing just this earlier this month – now she's opened up about the procedure.

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'Oh My God! We Did It Live On Instagram!'

Farrah Abraham poses in a clinic
Farrah Abraham/Instagram

Speaking to Too Fab, Farrah revealed how she was feeling, plus the fact that her "vagina tightening" had left her somewhat afraid to use her lady parts.

"Oh, my God! We did it live on Instagram!" Farrah opened by saying – perhaps in disbelief that she'd actually shared the whole thing. Then again, Farrah did live-stream her "designer vagina" back in 2018.

Farrah admitted to being "laughing and numb."

"It was fine. And the recovery was like a week. My vagina doesn't miss anything that she cut, so I'm like, 'Hey, okay! It's like a divorce!'" she added.

'I Don't Know If My Vagina's Ready To Date', Admits 'Too Scared' To Use It

Farrah Abraham in the street
Gettyimages | Hollywood To You/Star Max

It looks like the new-ness is going to take some getting used to, though. Farrah continued by adding:

"I don't date right now. I don't know if my vagina's ready to date, really. I mean, it's like tight, it's tight. I'm scared. I'm scared to use it! Don't break it!"

Farrah is known for being single. The star did spark dating rumors in 2019 after being spotted with a guy out in Dubai, but those quickly died down. Farrah's baby daddy Derek Underwood died in a car crash – before daughter Sophia was born.

Dishing Out Sex Advice

Farrah Abraham poses in a bathrobe
Farrah Abraham/Instagram

Farrah did admit that the treatment was a bit of a "newborn virgin situation."

That said, the star who has made headlines for her internet-circulated sex tapes did dish some bedroom advice.

"I would do some daily affirmations. If I was a man and I was feeling insecure, 'I'm great at sex! I'm gonna attack that sex!' I'm saying, if you're in a relationship, you better [say] daily affirmations and positive stuff -- like those good Christian men do, what those good pastor husbands do," she said.

Men Are 'Pulling Up' Asking For Her Number 'All The Time'

Farrah Abraham poses in a bikini
Farrah Abraham/Instagram

Farrah may not be every guy's jam, but the star remains desirable enough. Farrah even revealed that she's constantly hit on.

"I mean, like I have men all the time pull over their cars and be like, 'Oh, my God! I need your number! I wanna take you on a date!'" Farrah continued.

"Everywhere. I mean, I get asked, people are like, 'I wanna marry you!' Every day. I'm like, 'What?!' Like, 'I don't even know you! I don't know you from Adam.' Like, 'I don't know you!'" she added.

Farrah shot to fame on MTV's "16 and Pregnant" before becoming a core member of "Teen Mom OG." Farrah left the franchise in 2018, continuing her activities in the celebrity world on social media and via her travels.

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