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Vanessa Hudgens Back on The Market

Gettyimages | Nicholas Hunt
By kenadijiba

For some reason as people we like to fool ourselves. It can be comfortable believing something is “perfect”, or “ goals”. This is ever so evident when discussing hyper romanticized couples. This is not only beholden to beloved celebrity pairs. In everybody's day to day life, there is always that one couple who seems like a real-life fairytale. Like nothing could break their bond or get in the way of their future. At the end of the day, the idolization of anything will be confronted with the honesty of reality. This is why the break up of Vanessa Hudgens and long-time boyfriend Austin Butler was so shocking for fans.

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This very wholesome couple Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens have been together for almost 9 years, so it is by immense surprise that they would officially call it quits. Judging by how 2020 is going so far it seems as if breaking up is the new status quo. People just don’t want to be tied down apparently, and this wave might affect your faves so let’s just all get in a quick prayer circle and hope that our positive energy will protect them at all costs. The marriage did look like the obvious next step for these two love birds but it's evident they each had other plans. With both of them being so universally thirsted over it probably won’t be too hard to find a nice rebound.


A Lot of High School Musical fans are pushing for an epic reunion between Vanessa, and Zac Efron. Back in the early 2000’s, they were the OG endgame pair. But, Vanessa does not look like she would be open to hitting him up, especially after such a long time of not being together. Would there even be a spark there? Well, never say never because history, as we all know, is a powerful thing. Plus, they shared such a unique experience together that nobody else except them could understand. The ball at the end of the day ids really is in each of their courts. As for Austin's new found freedom to find a new bae he probably won't be wasting his time since he has been announced to play Elvis Presely in an upcoming biopic. Could his future costar be a contender, we will just


Is it possible that they broke up due to Austin and his future superstardom down the line that is likely to come after he becomes known for playing Elvis? Was Vanessa feeling insecure that the shine could fall off her, and then she would just become the girlfriend of Austin Butler, and not known for her own personal accolades? There is a chance this was an amicable split and both parties just didn’t have anything in common after 9 years together. This is tough to say but very normal for any couple who has grown up whilst having such an intense relationship. What can be noted is that each party is incredibly respectful, as well as loyal to one another. There 100% won't be a dog fight over this ending, and they both will find joy through their own paths.

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