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Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood Has A New Man In Her Life After Split With Andrew Glennon

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By Sarah Veldman

Amber Portwood has one of the most dramatic story lines on Teen Mom with multiple accusations of domestic violence thrown at her, and a stint in prison.

She's been accused of abusing almost all her boyfriends, including the father's of her children, Gary Shirley and Andrew Glennon.

Now, despite all the drama, the Teen Mom star has a new boyfriend; Dimitri Garcia. A source told Us Weekly, “Amber is dating him. Dimitri has only seen her show a few times. He’s not a superfan or anything; he’s just a guy who happened to watch the show. He thought she was pretty and reached out to her via social media.”

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Amber Is Dating Dimitri Garcia

Amber Portwood
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The source continued, "The relationship is still in its early stages, though. She’s just getting to know him. They’ve been spending time together at her place. He’s a breath of fresh air.”

Garcia is originally from Belgium, and the new couple met on social media. It's likely he may appear on the show, with a source telling E! News that he's been "staying with her and has been around while she's been filming."

It appears the relationship is still in its early stages, though it's getting serious quickly.

She's Had Custody Issues With Ex-Boyfriend Andrew Glennon

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon
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Recent custody drama has sprung up between Amber and her ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon, with claims that he disappeared with their son out of the state during the holidays, while Amber was supposed to have visitation.

This comes after an incident last July when Amber apparently pulled a machete on Glennon while he was holding their son James, later pleading guilty to felony domestic battery.

In November, a social media follower asked Andrew if there was any chance the couple would reconcile.

Amber Has Faced Domestic Abuse Charges In The Past

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He responded, "By the grace of God and my and James' sanity, I will never be in another abusive relationship again."

This is not the first incident of domestic battery the Teen Mom star has been involved in.

In June 2011, Amber pleaded guilty to two charges of domestic battery after attacking her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley, with the incident being filmed by MTV cameras.

Will all the domestic abuse charges Amber has been through, it's surprising another man would enter into a relationship with her so soon.

Amber Is Currently Taking A Break From Social Media

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For the moment, Amber has claimed she is taking a break from social media, after posting a picture with her daughter seven weeks ago.

The reality star captioned the photo: Last photo with me and this beautiful little lady yesterday. I'm going to hand over my Instagram so I won't have to worry about negativity and to move forward in a positive light. You can still contact me though. I will get certain messages. #sendinglove #beautifulsouls

Thus, there is not much that is known about her new relationship, but hopefully, we'll see what happens between the new couple on new episodes of Teen Mom.

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