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Rose Hanbury at Buckingham Palace

Are Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury Friends Again?

Gettyimages | WPA Pool
By Sarah Veldman

Who doesn't love a bit of royal gossip? We eat it up like it's the last slice of cake at a birthday party, getting every last crumb off the plate, licking the icing off our fingers.

Royal gossip is especially fun when it involves more famous members; in this case, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Though they appear to have a super-strong marriage, putting that major 2007 breakup during their younger years firmly behind them, that doesn't mean the occasional cheating and divorce rumors won't persist.

After all, the British media is notorious for creating these kinds of stories.

Kate and Rose Hanbury Reportedly Had A Falling Out Last Year

Rose Hanbury chats with Kate Middleton as Prince William looks on
REX/Shutterstock/ Courtesy of The Daily Mail

Before moving to Kensington Palace in 2017, Will and Kate lived at Anmer Hall in Norfolk, a home they consider to be a sanctuary from the paparazzi and royal responsibilities.

In the area, they have a set of aristocratic friends, often referred to as the "Turnip Toffs," (Yes, they're really called that, and don't I wish I had been the one to make it up.)

Last year, rumors swirled that Kate and her friend Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley (it must be exhausting toting that name around) had a falling out. What the feud was about remained a mystery, and to this day nobody really knows every detail.

Did Kate Consider Rose To Be A Rival?

Rose Hanbury and Kate Middleton at church
Getty Images/ Courtesy of The Daily mail

There were rumors that Kate considered Rose to be a "rival to her rural crown," though the Duchess of Cambridge doesn't seem like the type to care about such frivolous things. It was also rumored that Kate had "phased out" Rose.

Katie Nicholl, author of Kate: The Future Queen, told Grazia, "Kate doesn’t do arguments. If you upset her she freezes you out. There are very few leaks about what really goes on in the Cambridge household or their marriage, other than to say it’s a solid and happy one."

Some have said the falling out was due to cheating rumors involving Rose and Prince William; completely scandalous, though seemingly unfounded.

The Cambridges Don't Like Gossip

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Gettyimages | Max Mumby/Indigo

Prince William and Kate really value their privacy, and it was reported they were even taking legal action over the rumors.

Katie Nicholl said, "William and Kate have a tight-knit group of friends and none of them talk. All of the speculations about this alleged falling out between Rose and Kate will have been upsetting for Kate. She won’t like being the subject of gossip, and neither will William, who is a very private person."

She continued, "For the most part, Kate pays no attention to gossip and rumours and while I think they laughed it off at first, the fact this is still being talked about will, I imagine, unsettle them."

Has The Ice Thawed Between Rose Hanbury and Kate Middleton?

Rose Hanbury attending church in Sandringham
Gettyimages | Joe Giddens - PA Images

Despite the fall-out rumors from last year, Rose Hanbury was recently spotted at the same church service as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Sandringham, with all three attending St Mary Magdalene Church.

Though Kate and Rose were not spotted talking, it appears the ice may have thawed between the two ladies, almost a year after their supposed feud.

Rose has not been seen in the presence of William and Kate since they all attended the State Dinner at Buckingham Palace last June.

Have these "turnip toffs" patched things up? We'll keep our eyes open for another appearance from them.

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