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Kylie Jenner Accused of Cultural Appropriation in Instagram Post, Quickly Deletes

Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer
By Zachary Holt

The Kylie Cosmetics and young billionaire, Kylie Jenner, seemingly posts sultry pictures and luxurious shots on Instagram, ad nauseam.

Usually, they receive favorable feedback and comments; however, that's not always the case, especially with her recent 'Thirst Trap' post and the one she posted late on Thursday night, which featured the reality television star repping platinum blonde twist braids.

People on social media were quick to call her out for what they perceived to be cultural appropriation due to the nature of the braids and their presence amongst hairstyles within the African-American community.

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Jenner Engaging in Cultural Appropriation

Gettyimages | Kevin Tachman/MG19

The Instagram photo wasn't inherently racist in itself, as she was looking to channel her inner Gwen Stefani look, but people on social media were quick to call out the braided look. The photoshoot that the image was taken from was for Paper Magazine's 2019 cover shoot.

The Instagram post, which is still being shown on Jenner's story, as well as, the Instagrams of fashion photographers Luca and Alessandro Morelli, offered the caption, "Happy New Year People! @kyliejenner by @morellibrothers #gwenstefani."

In the photo, Kylie Jenner is seen providing a sexually suggestive and sultry look with her tongue sticking out and her fingers running through her hair. She's also wearing a plaid button-up shirt that is falling off of her shoulders.

Backlash on Instagram by Social Media Users

Getty Images

Social media users weren't happy with the post, though, with countless people chiming in on her dressing like that in the first place and also, her immediate admission of guilt in deleting the post following the backlash.

"Kylie posting this and then deleting it immediately because of the hate is just sad," one user wrote.

Another commented saying, "She's smart to put this on her story and not main feed lol."

Yet another shared, "Why did all the kardashians and jenners want to be black?"

"She shouldn't have put them twist in and that's just that, she's still beautiful tho," a fourth shared.

Her Recent 'Thirst Trap' Instagram Post

Kylie Jenner | Instagram

Jenner hasn't been immune to backlash from her Instagram posts, though. Just recently, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted a picture of herself in matching lace lingerie in her bed with a caption explaining that she just couldn't hold back from providing one more 'thirst trap' image before the 2019 year ended.

"Just didn’t feel right going into 2020 without one last thirst trap😫🖤🖤 pic by @victoriavillarroel," she commented.

The problem in the post is that it was providing a completely unnatural image of what someone should look like after just getting out of bed and what a healthy person looks like. Social media happened to take issues with this deception.

You Can't Make Everyone Happy

Kylie Jenner | Instagram

Some would argue that with Jenner being a billionaire and having the most followers on Instagram, it comes with the territory. You honestly can't please everybody.

Still, it might be necessary for the young reality star to consider the implications that are present when she posts pictures of herself in seemingly unrealistic situations or potentially racy lights.

It's obvious from the immediate deletion of this particular image that she's aware of the thoughts and feelings of her fans, but a little thought beforehand might prevent any further backlash in the future.

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