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(from left to right) Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne and Jack Osbourne pose by an Ozzy Osbourne display

Kelly Osbourne Reveals Truth Behind Father Ozzy Osbourne Death Bed Rumors

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Natalie Hunter

Rumors have been flying around once again about Ozzy Osbourne's health. This time Ozzy was reported to be on his death bed unaccompanied by wife Sharon Osbourne. Kelly Osbourne took to Instagram to shut down the rumors and prove that her father is doing fine as reported by [PopCulture.] ( Ozzy's health has been in speculation since he fell in house this past April. The fall displaced medal rods that were installed after a motorcycle accident. Ozzy had to cancel some of his concerts to recover.

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"Today I had a wonderful start to 2020. I went out to lunch with my family. Then spent the rest of the day laughing and hanging out with my dad," Kelly wrote on her Instagram story. "I come home to read sickening articles about my dad supposedly being on his 'death bed' sometimes the media makes me sick!!! It's no secret that my dad has had a rough year when it comes to his health but come the F— on this is utter bulls—," she concluded.


A source told Radar Online that Ozzy was suffering so badly from chronic pain during the holidays that he wanted to be "put out of his misery."

“Ozzy is in chronic pain and begging to be put out of his misery!” the insider said to the outlet. “He’s in such bad shape that he didn’t even notice Sharon wasn’t there.”

“He fell and damaged his spine,” the source said of the injury. “It’s had a domino effect that led to a raging infection and a pneumonia scare.”

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Ozzy addressed in a video at the time of his injury that he is expected to recover.

"I'm not dying, I am recovering It's just taking a little bit longer than everyone thought it would. Can't wait to get off my ass and get going again, but you're just going to have to be more patient," he said.

"I just want to say one thing to the fans: I sincerely thank you for your patience, your loyalty. I love you," he concluded.


Fans are just as outraged by the rumors as Kelly is. They took to Twitter to express their frustration.

"kelly adressed (sic) the ozzy death bed rumors, now leave it alone. y'all so annoying," one fan tweeted along with a picture of Kelly's message.

"Ozzy Osbourne wakes up and starts scrolling his phone.

Media: "ozzy osbourne dead at 71!!"

Ozzy: "BLOODY HELL!!! this is heaven?? What shit -_-

Lmao," another joked.

"Ozzy's health still well. Long live to the prince of darkness," a third added.

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