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Mark Hamill Channels Inner Shakespeare On Twitter, Pens Ode To Trolls

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By Rima Pundir on October 16, 2021 at 5:45 AM EDT

Mark Hamill shot to fame in 1977 when he played Luke Skywalker alongside Harrison Ford and Carrie Fischer in the hit movie franchise, "Star Wars". And then he revisited his role four decades later in "Episode VII - The Force Awakens".

From then to now, Hamill has become a pop culture icon of reckoning. And when you are famous and generally well-liked, the trolls don't like you, and so the force becomes strong in them as well. But Hamill has the perfect answer for the trolls as well, and unlike other celebs, he's a bit poetic about it.

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Just The Name Is Enough

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Earlier in September, a fan tweeted that if Mark Hamill would just write his name as a tweet, even then he'd get thousands of likes. Very tongue-in-cheek, Mark Hamill did exactly that. He tweeted his name as a reply to that post, and guess what? He received more than a million likes.

When it comes to Hamill, just the name is more than enough for the fans. And for the trolls. Considering Hamill has been vocal about politics and is liberal-minded, he's prime fodder for the trolls. Plus his presence in the much-contended "Star Wars" sequels has also angered a faction of people. Not that Hamill has ever cared.

Here's the name tweet.

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Hamill Channels Inner Hamlet

Mark Hamill pushes for Blue Star Welcome Week Paracord Bracelet to help military families
Mark Hamill/Instagram

There are plenty of celebs who give tit for tat when it comes to trolls. Take Kate Beckinsale for example. Most trolls seemingly live for her snarky clap backs. But Hamill is a tad more refined and contained.

He pondered about the trolls on Twitter, channeling his inner Hamlet via a Shakespearean style poem that began with, "To tweet, or not to tweet... that is the question". And he signed off with Mark Hamlet. In the original monologue, Hamlet is questioning his existence and whether it's worth the pain and suffering. But here, Hamill is questioning his social media existence.

Here's the tweet:

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But fans need not worry. Hamill has no intentions of quitting social media and letting the trolls win. He's a Jedi master, after all.

Hamill Does Not Care About Trolls (Neither Does Ford)

Hamill is cool. Unperturbed that people may think badly of "Star Wars". But he's happy to help the fans.

Twitter user UberFacts tweeted, "The original script for The Force Awakens opened with Luke Skywalker's severed hand floating through space, still holding his lightsaber."

And Hamill confirmed the fact, with his trademark humor, tweeting:

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Like it, love it, or hate "Star Wars", Hamill is cool with it all. And apparently, so is Harrison Ford as Hamill made it clear in one of his latest tweets.

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And so the trolls will keep trolling and Hamill will keep batting it away, in true Jedi style.

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