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Antonio Brown stuns in his number 17 jersey and white shorts on the field ready to battle

Antonio Brown's Ex-Girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss Changes Her Mind About Ruining His Repuation

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Chelsie Kyriss, who was formerly dating American football wide receiver, Antonio Brown, mentioned that she knew a lot of secrets about the player that could bring an end to his career. Of course, hearing this, fans and non-fans wanted to know what Kyriss had in mind for the football player, but were disappointed when she she decided to back off. According to Kyriss, her reason to remain quiet about these exclusive details is for the sake of the children she shares with Brown.

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She mentioned via her Instagram page that she would hold off permanently on revealing these details about Brown because she did not want to be the reason why his relationship with his kids affected. In one of her Instagram stories, Kyriss mentioned that her kids look u to Brown, so she would not want to jeopardize that. She went on to say that she was really looking forward to telling the whole world what a walking mental case Brown is, but that will only make her ruin his career and she wanted no part of that.

Looking dazzling, Antonio Brown in his sports outfit takes fans breath away with a huge smile on his face
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Although she ha held off on this information, this does not mean that the ex-lovers have decided to become good friends as they still harbor strong feelings towards each other.

Prior to this announcement by Kyriss, things were pretty much heated between the ex-lovers. On his Instagram stories, Brown filmed Kyriss in the company of police officers at their home in Miami. Reports say that Kyriss had come over to the house to get clothes for the children to wear, but they have no idea why she needs the cops to do that.

An amazing photo of Antonio Brown in a white T-shirt and grey track-suit with his ex-girlfriend, Chelsie Kyriss  in a multicolored dress and two of his sons in T-shirts and tracksuits
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Coming to the house was not an issue for Brown, however, he had a problem with his ex-lover, driving a Bentley SUV, which he said belongs to him. Fans were sure that the feud between Kyriss and Brown would get sore and deeper, but her announcement has changed everything. It seems like she is no longer interested in a brawl with her baby daddy and her fans support her for taking such a decision. The couple has split up many times in the past before, but this time, it seems like they are done for good.

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Kyriss has mentioned that sh has no intention of pitting her kids against their father, as she wants them to continue loving him. However, there is no form of love between her and the free agent.

Chelsie Kyriss was born on August 31, 1989, who was formerly an American teacher. Presently, she is an Instagram Personality and Customer Service Representative. She met Brown in 2011 through a mutual friend and the couple hit things off right away. They are parents to three beautiful children; Autonomy, Ali and Antonio Jr. Brown.

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