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Is Kanye West Still Mourning The Loss Of His Mother?

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Kanye West is one of the most popular rappers in the world today and he is married to Kim Kardashian. The rapper was only three years old when his parents, Ray West and Donda West got divorced. He later moved to Chicago, Illinois with his mother who was an English professor at Clark Atlanta University. She also became the English department chair at the Chicago State University. After her academic career, Donda resigned to become Kanye's manager. Unfortunately, Donda West died on November 10, 2007.

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According to the Los Angeles County coroner's death, Donda West died as a result of coronary artery disease. It was also stated that she had multiple post-operative factors from the liposuction and mammoplasty she had done. On hearing this, California state governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a "Donda West Law." This law states that it is compulsory for patients to be cleared medically by a physician before undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Kanye West was devastated when he got the news of his mother's untimely death and it seems like till date, this experience has stuck with him.

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From the beginning, Donda West was a firm supporter of Kanye's talent and she made sure that he actualized his dreams of becoming a rapper. In other words, she was the door that Kanye walked through to attain a career in music. At the age of 13, Kanye West recorded his first song which was no doubt an amazing piece and ten years later, he became a producer. During this time, he put plans in place to improve on his solo career and his mother helped him with it.

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Speaking to MTV after the death of his mother, Kanye blamed himself saying that his musical career pushed his mother to relocate to Los Angeles. Some of his friends also confirmed that Kanye and his mother were best friends and her death took a toll on him. However, what no one expected was that he would not be able to get over the hurt and pain. In 2008, just a year after the death of his mother, Kanye was engaged in several public outbursts, some of which were not covered by the press.


In 2016, the rapper was committed to a psychiatric unit after having a series of mental breakdowns around the death anniversary of his mother. In 2018, Kanye talked about his hospitalization as a form of breakthrough and he concluded that he was finding it difficult to trust anyone in the industry. He also spoke about his feud with JayZ and mentioned that there were a lot of things he never expected from someone he called brother.

Now, fans are worried that this coming "Mother's Day." may be another trigger for the rapper.

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