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A picture of Julie Andrews wearing a light-blue long-sleeve blouse and a pair of black pants with her hands crossed on her thigh

Sound Of Music Star Actress Julie Andrews Was Not The Same After The Movie! Why?

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We all know the popular actress, Julie Andrews from the amazing film, "The Sound Of Music," well, what you may not know is her experiences after the movie. According to the actresses' memoir titled "Home Work," she was exposed to a few surprising events after her exemplary role in the musical. Aside from walking into an unusual party with her husband, where they were exposed to cocaine, she also spoke highly of Walt Disney. Here is the full details of Andrews' experiences while filming her debut movie.

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The first time Andrews wrote a memoir, was in 2008, and it was titled "Home: A Memoir of My Early Years." Her second memoir, written with the help of her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, is a follow-up to the first one which recounted her years in Hollywood from the 60s to the 80s.

According to O Magazine, the recent memoir is filled with deep emotions, actions and experiences that the actress came in contact with while filming TSOM and after.

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If you have no idea who Andrews is, this memoir will give you a perfect insight into the kind of person she is. Some will suggest that the actress is fun, passionate, salty, brilliant, hard-working and calculative. The truth about the matter is that all these descriptions are true about the actress.

In the memoir, the actress described the essence of therapy and talked about how it helped save her life.In the 60s, she went though a nasty divorce from her husband, Tony Walton and this put her in a confusing state.

Julie Andrews is dressed in a black long-sleeved dress with a long black chain on her neck
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When she could not get a hold of herself, her friends suggested that she talked to an expert about her feelings and that is how she landed in several therapy sessions. As time went on, Andrews said that therapy turned out to be a useful tool for her recovery. she commented that the process helped her sieve her thoughts and get herself back on track.

Moving forward, the actress also mentioned that her role in TSOM brought her to her knees. She mentioned that the opening scene of the movie where she was seen dancing was amazing to fans, but not to her.

Julie Andrews is photographed in a white suit, paired with gold stud earrings
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For that scene, a cameraman in a helicopter above her head to shoot the video of her dancing freely. However, the helicopter above her felt like a giant crab coming towards her and she was not the least comfortable with it. She also went on to say that anytime the helicopter went up after shooting, the downdraft made her fall on the ground. This experience was repeated severally, but somehow, she managed to pick herself up again and shoot the scene beautifully.

Who knew that Andrews had to go through so much for one scene?

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