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Meghan McCain's Husband May Have Just Admitted He Didn't Want To Date Her

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By Ben Robinson III

It's no secret that most people find co-host of The View Meghan McCain to be a bit abrasive (which is putting it mildly). Her on-air tantrums and dismissive behavior are the embodiment of entitlement, and she carries it all with an air of knowing she's right and nothing else matters. It's exhausting to watch, but hey at least we're not married to her right? Well, unfortunately, it may be those same characteristics that initially turned her husband off as well.

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McCain makes no apologies for who she is as a conservative Republican, and her husband's ideals and practices fall right in line with his wife's. However, what more would you expect from the two of them since McCain is the daughter of late Republican senator John McCain. Clearly she still holds the values she was taught by her father, and she expresses herself in the only way she knows how. But has her husband always been a fan of McCain's outspoken candor?

Ben Domenech
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Apparently not too long ago McCain was known as a bit of a radical in regards to her political affiliation. And her antics were widespread and well known to people who had been following her. Showbiz Cheatsheet reports that McCain had a wild streak that didn't necessarily go over too well with conservative critics.

McCain used to have quite a different reputation as an “edgier” conservative. Despite her professed political party’s original position on certain social issues like gay marriage, McCain openly spoke out in favor of LGBT rights. She was also rowdier, more outspoken, and more open about drinking, as well as sex and dating (which she now doesn’t discuss on The View), than many other members of her party.

Meghan McCain and her father John McCain
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These differences from the rest of the Republican party (or at least some of its biggest public advocates) sometimes led other conservatives to disavow her at the time. It seems that Domenech may have been one of them at one point.

Domenech, a very staunch conservative who once ran a website called RedState, has always been very vocal about his conservative views and perhaps could be the reason behind McCain's new extra strict views. She has also admitted that Domenech was her rock during her father's illness and moved their wedding up so Senator McCain could see her get married before he died.

So what has recently come to light is somewhat shocking, since McCain and Domenech seem to be the perfect couple. Well, it's all stemming from an unearthed tweet from 2012 after McCain released her book.

In 2012, Domenech retweeted a Mediaite article about McCain’s book, America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom. The headline read, “How to Score a Date With Sexy Bitch Author Meghan McCain.” Domenech’s comment above the article read simply, “DO NOT WANT.” After his engagement to McCain was announced, Twitter users wondered if Domenech had meant what he said and how and why things had changed over time.

Yikes! That was kind of harsh. But who knows, since the two of them have never addressed the tweet in the past perhaps they were just poking fun at each other. And until they address it themselves, the world will never know.

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