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T.I. Responds To Internet Trolls Trying To Judge Him For His Past Infidelity

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By Ben Robinson III

To say that celebrity married couple Clifford 'T.I.' Harris and his wife Tameka 'Tiny' Harris have a very complicated relationship is putting it mildly. There's no denying that the two of them are in love, but there's also a lot of drama swirling around them as well. And things became even more complicated after they aired their dirty laundry on Jada Pinkett Smith's truth serum of a talk show Red Table Talk. Now fans of the couple are offering their two cents about T.I.'s revelations and he has some words for those people as well.

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Essence reports during their intense Red Table Talk session the Harrises admitted to the rockiest times of their marriage, one time, in particular, coming right after T.I. was released from prison.

“When I went to prison I guess she felt like, ‘Well now I have to figure out what I’m going to do. Because I don’t have you here to continue the protocols and practices that we established in the fundamental stages of this relationship.’” He said. “So when I got back the world was upside down. She kinda had an air like, ‘It’s my time.’ I thought we were going to hit the ground running and get back to things being the way they were.”

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This caused the two of them to fall into a pattern of stepping out on one another, which ultimately lead to Tiny contemplating divorce as a means to get T.I. to listen.

In retrospect, Tiny suspects her husband began to cheat as a way to feel in control. “He felt like ‘this is not the woman I left,” Tiny said. “‘This is not the woman I wanted. If I tell her this she’s gonna listen and she’s going to do it the way I want her to do it.’ He went and found somebody where he could be like ‘hey, don’t move. Do that,’ and I was not her.”

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Of course, fans of the couple were quick to share their thoughts about the Harrises relationship online. Over on the world's comment card, AKA Twitter, folks have been offering their opinions nonstop with one user writing "When Jada was telling Tiny and TI “When I see the both of you, I see love” I was like no girl, all I see is a woman tired of that mans s--t" while another stated "TI and Tiny’s relationship is abusive and I truly feel bad for Tiny. I hope she can realize her worth bc this man is trash through and through." Whether or not Tiny is taking heed to these warnings remains undetermined, however, it probably won't do anything to shake the foundation of their relationship.

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According to Hollywood Life the Harriss' don't care about any outside opinions. The only people who matter are the two people inside their relationship.

“It doesn’t matter to Tip what people think about his marriage,” a source tells HollywoodLife. ‘The only opinion that matters to him is his wife’s.” “They are deeply in love and deeply bonded,” the insider tells HollywoodLife, “and if people don’t understand their relationship, it makes no difference to him. And here is no way that he’ll make any statement on this. That [Red Table Talk] conversation was his statement. Anyone that wants to take the time to actually watch and hear what he is saying will understand how much he loves his wife and how committed he is to her heart and soul. The haters that can’t see that are just negative, and he doesn’t have the time of day for them.”

Looks like T.I. and Tiny are moving forward stronger than they were before and could care less about what anyone else has to say about it.

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