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Revisiting Britney Spears' Relationship with Kevin Federline: How Are They Now?

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By Zachary Holt

Going way back to the height of the pop era, when the likes of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, the Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC were considered royalty, Spears was in a relationship with a guy by the name of Kevin Federline. Because this occurred so long ago, it deserves a little bit of a backstory to provide to fully understand the context. Kevin Federline, or sometimes referred to as K-Fed, was a backup dancer and rapper when he met Spears. After only three months of dating, the two went and got married, beginning what would be a very turbulent relationship.

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The Beginning of the End

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Even though the two were only married for two years, it was undoubtedly a rough period of time as Federline was subjected to accusations of abandoning his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Shar Jackson, to date a very wealthy, Britney Spears. The disparity in wealth and fame between the two provided all of the writing material for numerous publications that closely followed every aspect of their lives. Understandably, this caused a lot of strain on their marriage, despite having two young children together.

Divorce Proceedings and Child Custody


From the culmination of marital problems that the couple faced, Spears filed for divorce in 2006, citing irreconcilable differences and beginning what would be a vicious back and forth battle for custody of their two children. Initially, Spears filed to have sole legal and physical custody of their children, while Federline did the same. In a twist of events, the courts ruled that Federline should have sole physical custody, something Spears was not willing to comply with. On the night of January 3rd, 2008, police were called to Spears' residence as she was refusing to give up her children and had locked them in a room with her. Later that night she was transported on a stretcher and hospitalized for appearing to be on an unknown substance.

New Britney, Who Dis?

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Over the last ten plus years, Spears has revamped her image and gotten back on the right path. She currently has her own Vegas show that continues to draw in people from all over the world. On the surface of things, her life now seems to be a happy one, vastly different than the torment that she went through with Kevin Federline and the subsequent divorce and custody battle. But how are the two now, given that they still must co-parents their two children, Jayden and Preston?

Not Much of a Relationship

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Recently, an insider close to Spears was asked about her relationship with ex-husband, Kevin Federline, responding that the two aren't very close and don't do anything family-related, aside from co-parenting responsibilities. The kids are either with Spears or Federline, separately. Currently, as it stands, though, Spears has still been working on herself when not with her kids, meaning lately, she's been seeing them a little less than usual. Still, you have to believe that her relationship with her children and where she is in life right now is much better than it once was at one time. Did we mention that she just celebrated her 38th birthday with her kids?

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