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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Reveals What Makes His Pizza Better Than Yours

By Jeff Mazzeo

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson does things a little differently than the rest of us and that definitely includes the way he eats.

After a long holiday weekend, the actor sat down with his "cheat meal" and shared a delicious looking picture of pizza covered in parmesan cheese but The Rock had an interesting suggestion to all the people who have a cheat meal every day.

"I don’t do fancy well, but when it comes to quality, the kid’s takin’ home the gold 🥇," Johnson wrote in the caption of his post.

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Why Is His Pizza Different?


The picture that he shared looked normal enough but he revealed what the fuss was about when he continued his caption.

"Double dough pizzas 🍕 Where I have the pizza maker literally use two doughs to make one pie - highly recommend you give it a try Cheese and Hawaiian. Sitting in bed. Watching Sunday Night Football. Bringing new meaning to the word fancy. Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends. 🍕🥃 🏈 #cheatmealsunday #finedining"


His idea of fine dining may be a little strange but who can argue with his results. When you are 6'5" and 260 pounds of muscle and charm nobody will argue with you about anything.

He enjoyed watching the Houston Texans upset the New England Patriots 28-22 and we are sure he sipped some Teremana tequila, the alcohol brand that he owns because he included a football 🏈emoji and a cocktail 🥃 emoji.

More 'Cheat Meals'

Giphy | Baywatch Movie

Back in October, Johnson shared how many pints of ice cream he eats when good old #cheatmealsunday rolls around. This meal featured a giant portion of "Dwayne's Apple Cobbler" and multiple flavors of ice cream.

"My #cheatmealsunday was a doozie. Homemade apple cobbler and two pints of my personal heaven. And for the record, “chocolate gooey brownie” is my nickname on weekends when I drink 😈🥃 Enjoy all your cheat meals my friends. Everything in this picture had zero chance of survival."

Kevin Hart Was Left Out Of Thanksgiving With The 'Jumanji' Cast


The Rock had a Friendsgiving with the cast of 'Jumanji' and we are pretty sure that holidays are exempt from all diets while still preserving "cheat meals" for another day.

Johnson, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan all forgot to invite their co-star Kevin Hart to the festivities and his reaction was hilarious.

Hart shared the video on Instagram that showed The Rock telling the table "I'm so happy we're together, 'Jumanji' family for Thanksgiving!"

"What is going on here?" Hart said when he discovered the secret dinner.

Karen tried to pretend that Hart should have known about it and Jack Black claimed there was a "group text," but Hart's phone doesn't chime until The Rock sends a quick text during the argument.

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