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Jay-Z and Aaliyah

Were Jay-Z and Aaliyah a Couple at One Time? New Details Have Emerged

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By Clarissa Wilson

Aaliyah was an amazing singer and a beautiful young woman before her untimely death in 2001. Although she didn't share too much about her personal life, rumors have swirled that she and Jay-Z may have dated back in the day. Did the two friends have a romantic relationship?

New details have come out revealing the truth. Dash, Jay-Z's business partner, and friend and Aaliyah's boyfriend has spoken out and has revealed the truth about these two and whether or not they were in a romantic relationship or if they were just close friends.

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Damon Dash or Dash as his friends called him was recently interviewed by Page Six and has revealed the truth. It seems that back then, Jay-Z had deep feelings for the 'More Than a Woman' singer.

Dash tells the media outlet that although Aaliyah never reiterated the feelings toward Jay-Z, he tried really hard to get her to date him. According to Dash, Aaliyah was so beautiful and so fun to be around that everyone wanted to get with her. He said that a lot of guys tried really hard to date her.

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Dash co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay-Z in the 90s. According to Dash, Jay-Z tried everything he could to get Aaliyah to date him. He tried very hard but it didn't work. Reports state that although Jay-Z and Aaliyah hung out one time, nothing ever came of it. In fact, once Aaliyah and Dash met each other, they started hanging out more and more and started having feelings for each other. The two dated from 2000 up until her death caused by the plane crash in 2001.

Aaliyah and Dash
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Dash said, "I did not mean to fall in love with Aaliyah, she was just that cool. But you know, we were both going hard … everybody was trying to get to Aaliyah — it was not just Jay.”

Aaliyah was only 22 years old when she died in the plane crash in 2001. Although she and Dash weren't officially engaged before she passed away, they had talked about getting married a few times. That is how much they loved each other.

Dash said, "She was just cool as hell … we would laugh … we never stopped hanging and that is what happened with her. There was never any obligation or any title … just liking being around somebody for who they are. I was not in love with Aaliyah through the television — I fell in love with her from hanging out and meeting her. She looked different than Aaliyah on the TV screen.”

Aaliyah and Dash
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According to Dash, he didn't even know Jay-Z had feelings for Aaliyah before he started dating her. He said, "I did not know Jay was trying to holler at her, but then it just happened like that. He was trying, I was trying. Everybody was trying — he was going hard.”

Although Jay had real feelings for Aaliyah at the time, he came back to reality realizing he was not going to get to be with her before her tragic death happened. He went on with life with Beyonce and they have been together ever since and are married with children now.


Although Dash says he didn't know Jay-Z was trying to get with Aaliyah when he pursued her and the two started dating, according to a producer by the nickname of Choke No Joke, who worked with Dash and Jay-Z at Rock-A-Fella Records had this to say about the situation, "Dame went behind [Jay-Z’s] back and hollered at [Aaliyah]."

Dash didn't comment on this remark from the producer. However, after he and Aaliyah started seeing each other, he and Jay-Z had a falling out, some say because of Dash dating Aaliyah when Jay-Z was trying to date her. However, others say the real reason is that they had a conflict of interest.

Whether or not the two friends and old business partners fell-out after Dash started dating Aaliyah, there were no hard feelings for too long on Jay-Z's side. In fact, reports state that the One in a Million singer even hung out at Dash's home that he and Jay-Z shared a few weeks before she was killed in the plane crash. Not only this but after the songstress died, Jay-Z went to her funeral to pay his respects for her.

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