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Cameron Monaghan Goes Off on Twitter After Fan Edits Out Red Hair in His Star Wars Video Game

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By Natalie Hunter

'Shameless' Star Cameron Monaghan proves that like his character, Ian Gallagher, he is not afraid to put up a fight. His latest gig is playing Cal Kestis on EA's "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order." Gamers play as his character who is training to become a jedi. His avatar in the game is a redhead just like his real-life hair.

According to PopCulture, one gamer got creative and invented a mod that altered the Monaghan's Star Wars character's hair color from red to a darker color.

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While other gamers were impressed with the mod, Cameron Monaghan did not respond positively to it. He took to Twitter to vent about the mod creator's need to change the hair color.

"Gotta love that there are insecure dudes out there who can’t handle playing as a redhead," he tweeted. "Seriously, ginger hate is still a thing? We’ve gotta be one of the only groups left where it’s not taboo to shit on us for being born or looking a certain way, right?"

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Cameron Monaghan then referenced a bit from 'South Park' in which Cartman recruits a red-headed army and speaks out about the accusation "gingers don't have souls."

Monaghan then continued to tweet: "But I do genuinely find the weird superiority complex of these insecure men making comments about my appearance kinda... amusing? Like, are they made because their girlfriends have a crush on me or something? Just kidding, we know they don't have girlfriends."

"I'm the lead in a freaking Star Wars game," he added.


After receiving some criticism for his twitter rampage, still Monaghan continued to tweet.

"Mannnnn Twitter really can’t take a lighthearted joke.

People who look different from the norm are awesome. Redheads are awesome. If someone tells you you aren’t great because you are different from whatever is considered “standard”, just know you rock. The end," he wrote.

He initially ended up deleting all of his redhead tweets but this last tweet. After some time passed, he ended up deleting his last tweet too.

Giphy | Xbox

So far "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" has had mostly positive reviews.

EA Games describes the new game as "A New Star Wars Story: As one of the last Jedi, you must do whatever it takes to survive. Complete your training before the Inquisitors discover your plan to rebuild the Jedi Order." and that players are able to "hone lightsaber combat forms to refine striking, blocking, and dodging your enemies. Use your Jedi weapon and the Force to take on any challenge.:

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